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The Fivefold Elemental Therapy is called Pancha Bhootopasana. Panch Bhootas are the Five Great Elements, Ether, Air. Fire, Water and Earth.

All the Five Great Elements are the Five Doctors, as per the principle "Annam Brahma".
Ether Therapy is called Akasopasana
Air Therapy is called  Vayopasana
Fire Therapy is called Tejopasana
Water Therapy is called Jalopasana
Earth Therapy is called Prithvopasana
Naturopathy is the prophylactic aspect of Ayurveda.
Do not fear disease. Fear of disease happens to be the greatest fear. The Wisdom of the Body is greater than all. The Body can heal itself and the greatest healing is Self Healing. A disease is the Life Force's plan to restore the body to its healthy state. If you know this, you will lose all fear. The Force which created the body knows how to redeem it !



The Fivefold Elemental Therapy is the most effective method of regaining lost health and vitality.

Ether Therapy ( Akasopasana ) or Fasting Therapy 
Ether is the subtlest of all elements. Ancient scientists used to call Ether Vaccum. Now scientists admit that Ether is live, full of Cosmic Rays. Such a view the ancient seers of yore had. That is why they said that Ether is also food ( Prithvi Annam ).
There are many who ask how Ether can be food. But then by food we do not mean only rice. Annam means the Vital Food only. What human beings and others receive from Ether is unknown. Only the Divine Knowers know !

Even though the Ether Principle is received by the body, during Fasting ( which is defined as Akasopasana ), Ether is dominant on the body in its subtle form. When the densest of all the Five Elements, Earth ( food ) is renounced as food, the subtlest of all the Elements, Ether evolves as Sooksha Annam or Subtle Food. In other words, the Bio Force of the Body, takes in Ether as Subtle Food and becomes satisfied with that food. During Fasting, we still take in Ether as food ! Since ordinary people do not know this principle, the ancients enforced it as fasting, fasting during Ekadasi and Ramadan !

Opposition to Fasting

There are antogonists to Fasting and they say fasting will reduce the
Energy Level. They believe that all energy cometh from food. They have
made everybody believe that food is the basis of Life. So in order to gain
longevity and health, people consume more food. This notion is wrong, says



Fasting increases Self Control.

It will increase both mental and spiritual strength. Mind becomes agitated by the thought of food. If you can control food, you can won the first step in the control of Mind. "Eat to live and live not to eat"- this Socratic principle is actualised by Naturopathy. If you can conquer the Rasendriya ( the organ of taste ), you have conquered all ( Jithe Sarve Jithe Rase ).