The Evolution of Consciousness Hypothesis

Pointing to the picture of the Ten Incarnations,
One of his friends asked my well read Uncle
"Do you know the esoteric meaning
Behind the Ten Incarnations Theory ?"

My Uncle shook his head. Friend continued
" It is allegorical, it is symbolic
Of the Evolution of Consciousness,
Behind the Evolution of Species !"

The First Incarnation. the Fish Incarnation,
Indicates that Life came from the sea
And our primordial ancestors were aquatic.
With consciousness of a sea organism.

The Final Incarnation, Buddha
Indicates that Enlightenment
Is the Evolutionary Goal of Life,
And can be attained by anyone. "

The living organism evolves and evolves,
Till it reaches Brahman, the Absolute.
From the micro Consciousness of amoeba
To the Macro Consciousness of Buddha !

The Kantian Definition of Enlightenment,
Differs from the Indian.
Enlightenment is the Release of Man,
From his self incurred tutelage, said Kant.

According to divine Philosophia Indica,
Enlightenment is the Release of Man,
From the Cycle of Eternal Recurrence,
The Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

No punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam,
No punarapi jananee jadare sayanam
For the eternally liberated ! And the babe soul rests,
On the bosom of Existence, Consciousness & Beatitude !

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