The Eternal Land

The  Song  of  Eternity, Gita, took   birth,
In the poetic mind of  Hindustan,
In the land of the Eternians,
Who see  all sub  specie aeternitatis!

Ranging from Himalayas mighty,
And terminating at the indian  Ocean,
A peninsula, strategically  located,
Is this Oriente Lux personified !

Himalaya samarabhya
Yavat    indu  sarovaram
Tam deva nirmitam desam
Hindustanam prachakshate.

Prizing the Eternal above the Temporal,
Surpassing the decaying body beautiful,
Basing on the Absolute which is all this,
Is this Spiritual Culture formidable !

A Culture Good Mornying to Deity,
At early dawn, Brahma Muhurta time,
Penultimate Muhurta before Sunrise,
At Dawn, brimming with energy positive.

A culture, whose sacred festivals,
Are based on  longitudes, solar and lunar,
And their longitudinal difference, Thithi,
With Self Actualistion as the Goal   !

A land ruled by Philosopher kings,
Who upheld 200 % life Thesis,
100% materialism and 100 %  spirituality,
As both are aspects of life !

Most of the kings who ruled India,
Were  part of the disciplinic tradition,
Starting from Lord, with Suka at middle,
And with the great Sankara at end !

Narayana   Samarambham
Sree Sukacharya madhyamam
Sankaracharya paryantam
Vande Guru Paramparam.

We bow down to the ininitable Sankara,
Defender of Sruthis, Smrithis and Puranas,
Who defeated all in logical argument,
And climbed the Mount of Omniscience !

Sruti  Smriti.Purananam
Alayam Karunalayam
Namami bhagavath padam,
Sankaram loka sankaram.

If you know Self, you know all,
If you dont, you know nothing !
Absolute Knowledge is All Knowledge,
Brahma Jnana is Sarva jnana.                  
Life is  seen sub specie Love,
As all are observed sub specie Zodiac
To the Eternians, Good & Evll, joy and sorrow,
Shame and Glory are all He !

The Killer is He,
The killed is He,
Cosmic Dance is His Dancc,
The dance of subatomic matter!
Universe is one of the Rhythms,
Of Absolute Brahman !
An infinitesimal expression,
Of the Solitary Infinitude !