Full application of the Law Of Epistemic Correlation !

Scholars of Indian Philosophy
Report that it is a Grand Mixture,
Of Many Sastras, Sciences Intuitive,
And many Sacred, Eternal Arts.

Science, Philosophy, Literature,
Mythology, Poetry and Art.
Astronomy,Maths, Astrology,
Psychology, Yogic Psychology et al

Full application of the Law,
Of Epistemic Correlation !
'All Knowledge is One Knowledge',
Was generated by 'Ekam Tad Sarvam'.

All sciences study Being,
Physics is Science of Being as Matter.
Biology is Science of Being as Life,
And Astronomy is Science of Being, as Heavens.

But First Science, Vedanta Sastra,
Is Science of Being as Being,
In its Pure Existential State,
And it is as Absolute Being.

So we have many sciences,
One Absolute and Many Relatives,
One Para and Many Apara Vidyas,
The True Structure of Knowledge.

Summing up, Sastras are many,
Grasp their quintessential wisdom.
And strive for Self Actualisation,
Under a bona fide Divine Master !

Western concept of Science,
Differs from the Indian slightly.
Indian incorporates Morality,
Which is missing in Western.

( Sasanthi iti Sastram ! )