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All Astrology evolved from Electional Astrology. Astrology was founded by the Sages for knowing the auspicious hours for any  divine project. ( Jyothishastram Vadathrathya Kalam Vaidika Karmanam ).

Einstein's greatest discovery was the dscovery of Time as the Fourth Dimension. The great physicist Hermann Minnowsky elaborated furthur that the Universe is a Four Dimensional Space -Time Continuum made up of the three dimenions of Space and the Fourth Dimension of Time.

All the acts of creation, preservation and destruction are imbedded in the womb of Almighty Time. Time Eternal alone is the preserver, creator and destroyer. Positivity and Negativity, Auspiciousness and Inauspiciousness are all invested in Time.

In order to know the auspicious hours favoured by Time, Electional Astrology was formulated.

Certain Horas or  hours are found to be inauspicious. Nava Doshas or the Nine Afflictions are inauspicious and so is Chandra Astama ( The Moon's transit of the Lunar 8th ).  Chandra Ashtama  has been defined as the Black Hole of Electional Astrology.



The Electional Ascendant ( The Muhurtha Lagna ) 

This is the Ascendant for the Event. If, for example, one fellow wants to start a business venture, the favourable time for starting that venture becomes the Ascending Degree. 

The Moon should not be in 6,8,12 houses from the Electional Ascendant. Venusian aspect is not acceptable. The 8th Lunation, Ashtami is not considered auspicious but Krishna Ashtami ( 8th Lunation during the Dark Fortnight ) is considered good for marital purposes. 

Aries rising is not considered auspicious for marriage. Scorpio is detested for the same purpose. ( Atheeva Varjitha Mesha Vrischikaschopi Nindithai ). 

Jupiter in Leo is considered very auspicious. 

We have elucidated some basic electional principles. We have incorporated almost 100 afflictions or Doshas in our Electional Astrology Software. 


The prescription of the Learned
A Benefic Planet Rising
Lagna or Asc being Shubha Sampoorna
These Three are Great Benedictions !



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                                 May the Hour of your Choice be auspicious - Su Muhoorthamasthu !


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