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When Saturn transits the Lunar Ist ( the First Sign from one's Moon Sign), the Lunar 12th & the Lunar 2nd in the birth chart, Elarata Saturn is caused in Astrology Vedic.

This is the most dreaded phase in one's life. Elarata Saturn manifests as vicious attacks on health and wealth. You will be subject to trouble through enemies and will suffer calumny. Health hazards manifest. Mental tension galore. It is said that for seven and a half years, the mind goes through Black Holes of Depression. On the other hand, his benign transits are beneficial and he was in the favourable Third when India won the ICC World Cricket Cup !.

Dissipation of wealth indicated. (
Kurvanthi  Pranasandeham Sthanabramsam Dhanakshayam ). Saturn is the planet of Destiny, of boundless Time and is a make or break planet.  The transits of Saturn and Jupiter are important, as they make or break nations and individuals. 

He makes the  mind  a melting pot of mental turmoil.  It is said that he  creates wilderness in the psyche, making you desperate at times. You may not get even proper rest.   Problems surface like a ten-headed Hydra. Once you try to solve one problem, another takes its place. Vedic astrologers , when analysing birth charts vedic, give paramount importance to Natal and Transit Saturn !

Mental peace and happiness make a strategic retreat. Saturn will bend you, not break you.

The Western scholars defined Life as full of thorns ( "Life is not a bed of roses"). The Eastern intellectuals defined it as a
Vaitharani river, a macabre river whose flow is deathward. You will feel that they were right in defining life in such dolorous terms.


Elarata Saturn occurs in Three Phases

Phase I -
Dwadasa Saturn - This is when Saturn is in the 12th - Is dangerous but not as severe as Janma Saturn

Phase II -
Janma Saturn - This is when Saturn is in the Lunar Asc ( This is severe )

Phase III -
Dwitheeya  Saturn - When Saturn is in the Second - The evil is lessened considerably but the Dosha  persists. .

On the positive side, you have to understand that the suffering which you undergo are merely wages and that Initiation is a process of intensive culture and accelerated evolution. Many lessons will be learnt during this phase. It is said that the wise recognise Negativity as an inevitable clearing process and maintain equanimity.  

Saturn causes

Artha Vihatim - Dissipation of Wealth in    First.

Nana Roga Shucham -Ill Health & Sorrow in Second.

Sukha Artha Vihatim - Detrimental to happiness & wealth.

Astro Therapy For Saturn

Fasting on Saturdays
Worshipping the Tutelary Deity (Kula Devata) on Saturdays
Wearing Blue Sapphire on a Shukla Paksha Saturday
Lighting an ellunthiri at Lord Ayyappa temple on Saturdays
Wearing a Shaneeswara  Yantra
Wearing a Saturn Astral Talisman /Reciting the Mantra of Saturn
on Saturdays

Reading the Holy Book ( Devi Mahatmyam ) on Saturdays & performing a Saturn Havan  are some of the remedial measures recommended

Shaneeswara Yantra is said to be ideal in warding off the malevolent rays of radical Saturn.

Fasting - Not only spiritually but medically recommended


Naturopathy averrs that Fasting is the best Medicine ( Lankhanam Paramoushadham ). According to Ayurveda, the Annarasa in the body, during fasting, is converted into the Seven Gross Dhathus ( the seven tissue-elements). One of the  Fivefold Worship in Naturopathy is Akashopasana, which is fasting. We overeat everyday with the result the digestive system has no rest. During fasting, the digestive system gets absolute rest. Overeating has been identified by Naturopathy as the main cause of disease.


Vara Puja

Vara Puja is said to be the most effective remedy in Vedic Astrology.

On the day of the problem causing planet that planet is to be propitiated.

As Saturn is the problem causer
Saturday is the day where the Deity of Saturn - ( Lord Ayyappa )
The Yantra of Saturn - ( Shaneeswara Yantra )
Tthe Mantra of Saturn - ( Om Hreem Sanaischarai Namah),
The Holy Book of Saturn - ( Devi Mahatmyam) &
The Gemstone of Saturn - ( Blue Sapphire)

are to be propitiated.

Saturn Mantra

Om Shanaishcharayai Namah
Saturn Stotra

Neelanjana Samabhasam
Raviputram Yamagrajam
Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham
Tham Namami Sanaiswaram

O Son of the Sun and the Imparter of Patience and Perseverance. I bow down to Thee !

Saturn Gayatri

Om Kakadwajaya Vidmahe Khadga Hastaya Deemahi.
Thanno Manda Prachodayath.

Maha Mrithyunjaya Mantra

This mantra is heavily used to ward off Saturn's attacks and is heavily used during the malevolent Elarata Saturnine phase.

Om Thrayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Oorvarukamiva Bandhanan Mruthyor Muksheeyu Mamrithath


Saturn Peeda Hara Sthothra

Dwadasashtama Janmani
Dwiteeyardheshu rashishu
Ye Ye sangatan doshah
Sarve Nasyanthu ve Prabho !

Soorya Putro Deergha Deho
Vishalaksha Siva Priyah
Mandachara Prasannatma
Peedam Harathu Me Shanih

( Please destroy the accumulated karma signified by  You being in the 12th, 1st and 2nd. O Son of the Sun, with body elongated, lover of the Lord, ever moving slowly, ever blissful, please destroy all my afflictions ! ) 


Chanting it 108 times is said to reduce Saturnine maleficence.


Chanting Mantras needs the utmost purity of Body, Mind and Soul. This is difficult to achieve during the Dark Age ( Kali Yuga ). Hence wearing of the appropriate Yantra is recommended as we cannot keep up the purity of Body, Mind & Self.


The Yantra is a silver or gold plate wherein the Mantra is inscribed and given after 10 days Puja by learned Brahmin scholars, who impart it with the necessary Pranic ( Positive ) Energy.

Wearing a Blue Sapphire is another remedy, as He is represented by Blue Sapphire in Gemology.   Listening to Navagraha Shanti Mantras cassette, particularly the mantras of Saturn is another astro-therapeutic measure. 

Sometimes, even Yantra may not be enough. If the affliction is severe, one has to go beyond Mantra and Yantra and go in for Havans. Mahamrityunjaya Havan and Saneeswara Havans are the 2 major Havans which are performed to offest the maleficence of Elarata Saturn. It has to be done with diligence, by bona fide Tantriks who have dedicated their life to Tantra and spirituality. 


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