The Eightfold Prosperity      





We have said that Prosperity does not mean mere wealth, but is wealth
accompanied by Bliss and happiness.

The Mother Divine can give eighteen types of wealth like

Famous children
Agri Prosperity
Cosmic Consciousness
Ehtics and Morality
Bliss of Self Actualisation ( Kaivalya Lakshmi )

All these eighteen qualities can be bestowed by Her in her bounty. Chanting
these verses can definitely help in us attaining prosperity.

Mythology, we have said, is the adumbration of philosophic truths. In Indian
Mythology these eightfold prosperity is depicted as eight Goddesses, each
capable of blessing the devotees. Also as the Ashta Vasus. In Sankrit Vasu
means Aishwarya means Prosperity, which is the blissful aspect of the
Divine. A devotee who needs victory can worship Vijaya Lakshmi and be
blessed by Her. A devotee who wants his poverty to be destroyed can worship
Dhana Lakshmi and be blessed by Her !


The Primal Prosperity ( Adi Lakshmi )

Thou who art worshipped by the righteous
O One of ravishing beauty
O Destroyer of sins,
O sister of Luna
Of brilliant golden hue
Who is respected by all Sages
Giver of Self Actualisation
With tongue full of sweet words
Respected by mighty Vedas
Seated on the Flower Lotus
Worshipped by all celestials
Conferror of good qualities
O Peace personified
Protect me eternally !

Agriculture which is Prosperity ( Dhanya Lakshmi )

O destroyer of the demons
Destroyer of the world's iniquity
Vedas personified
And pervaded by the Vedas
Who originated from milk
Who is the form of Good
Thy Presence in the chants sacred
Is known to the mystic
Living on the Flower Lotus
Celestials worship Thy Feet
Protect me eternally !

Courage which is Prosperity ( Dhairya Lakshmi )

Victory to Thee, O Mighty Mother,
The blessed and victorious describe Thee
Thou originated from the Lord
Bhargava's daughter, Sacred Chants Personified !
Also pervaded by the Sacred chants
All celestials bow before Thee
Bestower of results fast
Knowlege is improved by Thee
The sciences worship Thee
Thou art the destroyer of fear
Redeemer from sins Thou art
Thy feet is worshipped by the holy
Thou who livest on the Lotus Flower
Protect me eternally !

Royalty which is Prosperity ( Gaja Lakshmi )

Victory to Thee, O Mighty Mother,
O Thou remover of bad Fate
O Philosophic Sciences Personified !
Thou imparteth wisdom to all
Also the bestower of boons
An elephant army surround Thee
Even the Trinity worship Thee
Thy Lotus Feet destroys
Suffering, physical and mental
Protect me eternally !

Progeny which is Prosperity ( Santhana Lakshmi )

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Victory to Thee O  Mighty Mother
Divine enchantress Thou art !
The beloved consort of the Lord
The pacifier of all tumultous emotions
Thou pervade as Knowledge
All virtues exist in Thee
Thy mind is full of qualities divine
The Sevenfold Music worship Thee
Thou art worshipped by all
Sages and humans
Celstials and demons
Protect me eternally !

Victory which is Prosperity ( Vijaya Lakshmi )

Victory to Thee O  Mighty Mother
Seated on the Lotus divine
Blessing all with Salvation
The Spreader of Knowledge divine
The Pervader of Music
Coated with Saffron Powder
Which is used to worship Thee
All Music adore Thee
The great Sankara's prayer mighty
Moved Thee to action divine
Enchanted Thee to shower gold
On a suprised, stunned  devotee
Protect me eternally !

Wisdom which is Prosperity ( Vidya Lakshmi )

Victory to Thee O  Mighty Mother
The triumphant Deity of the celestials
The Prime Deity of India
Thou incarnated as Bhargava's daughter
All sorrows are removed by Thee
Thou wearest stones precious
And enchant Thy devotees
The abode of peace.
With a bewitching smile,
Nine types of wealth are bestowed by Thee
Iron Age's vices affect not Thy devotees
With the handls blessing all,
Protect me eternally !

Wealth which is Prosperity ( Dhana Lakshmi )

The sounds of the drum
The sounds of all instruments musical
Is Thy Form as the Seven Octaves !
Sounds emanating from the conch
Sounds emanating from the Veena
Are all Thy sounds divine
The eighteen mythological books worship Thee
Also the Fourfold Veds
Also the mighty Poetry Epic
The Shower of discipline divine
Protect me eternally !

May you be blessed by the 18 qualities !