Dharma is Not Religion

When Russell attacked the concept of God,
Aurobindo was asked why.
He said " I cannot answer the strictures of Russell,
Because such a Semitic concept was never mine".

Dharma does not mean Religion,
Dharma means an Enlightenment system,
With Enlightenment as its Goal,
With esoteric instructions how to.

"Through the window of Science", said Mahesh Yogi,
We see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment."
TM is a method of Scientific Enlightenment,
And cannot be called a Scientific Religion,

So it is with Buddhism & Hinduism,
Both cannot be called as Religions,
As they are both Enlightenment systems.
With Nirvana as the Goal of Life.

The greatest Bliss is Divya Rathi,
Intercourse with the Absolute Self
Other enjoyments before thisi Supreme Bliss,
Are like light flies before the Sun

It has to be so, as He is defined
As Rasa Swaroopa, Delight Personified
Why did the One become the Many ?
For Fun, Rasa, Raso Vai Sahah !

Sanskrit for Enlightenment is Nirvana,
Which in Buddhist terms means Release,
From the Eternal Cycle of Recurrence,
And in Hindu terms, Merger into Brahman !

Equal Vision of Enlightenment Systems,
Is the real Sarva Dharma Samabhava.
Enlightenment systems should be fostered,
For , they alone can save the world !

India is the Land of Dharma,
This is the land where Vedas and Upanishads,
First saw the Light and where,
Infinity, Zero and Decimals took birth.

She is the Guru of all nations,
With Her Redeeming Philosophy,
She will lead all nations to World Peace !
And Intellectual Love will reign supreme.