Of the 2 Paths, Solar and Lunar
This is the Solar Path, Devayana,
The Path rated as  Uthamam,
Birth during Bright Fortnight ,
Daytime and Northern Solstice !
Not subject to Recurrence,
Punar Avritti  Rahita it is  !
As the yogi has reached his Goal,
Of Merger wirh rhe Absolute.
This is the Lunar Path, Pitruyana,
The Path considered Madhyamam,
Birth during Dark Fortnight ,
Nighttime and Southern Solstice !
Subject to Recurrence,
Punar Avritti Sahita it is.
As the yogi has not eached his Goal,
Of Merger wirh rhe Absolute.
Blessed with the gift divine of speech,
The Yogis are a special class of men.
With courage as Father & Peace as Mother,
World to them is an aristocratic family.
Their food is Wisdom
Their partner   is Peace.
Son as Truth and Mercy as sister
They protect Wisdom divine.
The divine equality of Man
Fulfilling  through love and justice
Is embraced by them
And thy become brothers.
He who knows Realitty
Opts for the Solar Path
He does not want recurrence
As Life is indeed painful.
Inconcient"s first born, Pain,
Is thy body's dumb foundation.
He knows the pain involved
In birth, death  and rebirth.
The mundane, on the contrary,
Opt for the lunar path
They want to enjoy liife
To enjoy Wealth,Wine and Women !