Prátah Smarámi Hrudi samsphurad Atma Tattvam
Sat Chit Sukham paramahamsagatim Thurèyam
Yat Swapna Jágara Sushuptam avaiti Nityham
Tad Brahma niskalamaham na cha bhootasañgha.
In the early hours of morn, at Brahma Muhurta time,
I meditate on the Self Absolute,
In the Sky of  Consciousness,
Of the Heart, the Hrid Chit Akasa,
Of the nature of Being-Knowledge-Bliss,
The Evolutionary Goal of Yogis,
That which transcends the states relative,
I am That Partless, Undifferentiated Brahman
And not this assemblage of envelopments material !

Pratarbhajámi manasá vacasámagamyam
Vacho vibhánti nikhilá yadanugrahena
Yan Neti Neti vacanair nigamá avocam-
Stam devadevamajam Achyutam áhur agryam.
I sing Its praises at Dawn,
Which transcends Mind and speech
By whose Glorious Grace
Shine the universes parallel,
Who is defined by Scriptures
As That which remains after Negation,
And Who is Birthless & Changeless.

Prátarnamami Thamasah Param Arka varnam
Poornam Sanáthana padam Purushottamaakhyam
Yasminnidam jagadaseshamaseshamurtau
Rajjvaam bhujamgama iva pratibhasitam vai.
To the Enlightened, the  Absolute Self,
Manifests as the Universe entire !
Like Serpent on a rope,
The Rajju Sarpa Nyaya of Vedanta !
It is Brahmam, not Maya, averrs Vedanta
To the Maya- deluded mind !
When Lord Rama wept for Seetha,
Brahman, the Absolute ,wept,
Ensnared in the meshes of Its own Becoming.
Did He create Maya
Just to cry for Maya?
Purusha cried for Prakriti ?
Arent they inseparable?
Havent they been integrated as One,
In the Ardha Nareeswara concept ?
At Dawn I bow down to That,
That residuless Plenum, Poornam,
Which transcends the Darkness of Nescience,
Of Sun’s hue and the Evolutionary Goal.