Corporate  or Dot Com Astrology_Numerology    




We will give you the Business Names, the Dot Com Names, which is numerologically and astrologically compatible with your Name and Date of Birth and the Date of Inception of your Company.

All letters of the Alphabet has vibrations. Also all digits. This is the great discovery made by Pythagorus and Vararuchi. There are instances when people have changed the name of their company and dot com, they perceived amazing results. Look at India's premier company, Reliance. It was earlier known as Ahmedabad Textile Mills and when they changed the name to Reliance, see the result ! The word Reliance is common even with Westerners ! 

The name of the dot com suggests a lot of things. The name of the dot com acts like a logo. 


The Astrological Formula

Normally we check the Ninth House and the Ninth lord and then we suggest names and numbers of that particular planet, who is powerful in the Natal Chart and who has got directional strength. In my company's case, Zodiac and Vedica are represented by Jupiter and my eastrovedica became an overnight success, if you measure the good will gained by the dot com. The trinal lords are also considered for Astro Analysis.

Domain Name

The subject Knowledge must appear in the domain name. When people search, the domain should appear in the first ten, in the first Page. The domain name must be relevant, astrologically and numerologically. If there is incompatibilty between the Number of Inception and your Birth Number, Adversity is indicated. Problems after problems may visit you. 


Nomenclature of  Blog

There are many guys pulling in dollars from Blogs.  Blogs are important. The name of blog must have meaning, the blog must have Visibility, that is it should appear in the Search Engines and should be compatible, both numerologically and astrologically. The name of the blog must resonate with the name of the blog owner and the Vibrating Digits of the blogs should resonate with the vibrating digits of the Birth Number. 


Details required for  Corporate Astrology_Numerology


Name of Firm
Date of Inception
Language preferred
Mailing Address




We have two types of Service, FREE & Paid. Paid will be attended within two days while FREE will take a long time -say 6 months. For the PAID service, please click on this link ( Zodiac Corporate  Name Analysis  costs Rs 990)   Corporate Name Analysis