Ayurveda is curative and restorative




The Seven Tissue Elements,
Of  Ayurveda Divine,
Are represented by the Varesas,
The Seven Revolving Heavens !

Venus rules semen,
Moon ,blood,
Bone is ruled by Sun,
And Mars, bone marrow.
Veins, by Saturn,
Fat, by Jove,
Skin, Mercury
Thus  Seven signify Seven

Venereal diseases are due to afflicted  Venus,
As Venus signifies libidinal energy.
Bhoga Kalatra Karako Shukra,
With Venereal deriving itself from Venus Veneris !

With Lunacy itself deriving From Luna,
Lunacy's cause is afflicted Luna,
Also blood related diseases,
Also Angst and Depression !

Afflicted Saturn causeth   neuro diseases,
As  nerves are ruled by this melancholy planet.
Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Huntington's, ibs,
Arthrits and other Vata related diseases

Affliction to Mars causeth Osteoporosis,
As bone marrow is ruled by him.
Affliction to Mercury indicates
Eczema and diseases of the skin !

Affliction to Jove indicates Diabetes,
Heart disease and cancer pancreatic!
Lunar and Martian affliction causeth blood cancer,
Martian affliction being cancer's cause.

Jovian affliction causeth,
High BP, Diabetes, gout, Cholesterol,
Cancer colon and pancreatic,
Osteoporosis & sleep problems.

Mercurian affliction    causeth,
Ezcema, psoriasis,acne, rosacea.
Dermatitis, warts, ichthyoasis,
Chicken pox, diaper rash et al.

Martian affliction causeth,
Luekemia, Aplastic Anemia,
Iron anema, anemic neoplaza,
Plasma Cell and Hypercalcemia.

Venusian affliction causeth
Disorders of the urinary tract,
Syphilis, AIDS, Gonorrea, HBV,
Genital Herpes & HPV.

Saturnine affliction causeth,
Neuro diseases, spinal cord problems,
Huntington's, Bell's Palsy,
Brain tumors, epilepsy and ataxia !

From afflictions planetary,
One can discern disease
Dushthitha syadi dhatusyad
Rogeenam Roga eeryatham.
This Holistic Science of Life,
Lists humors Three,
Bile, Wind and Phlegm,
Vata, Pitta and Kapha