The Seven Liberal Arts & Six Subsidiary Sciences


The Seven Liberal Arts

Are sciences that can liberate
Also Six Subsidiary Sciences
Which Serve Main Sciences Six !

Science of Definition,
Science of Phonetics,
Science of Grammar
And Prosody Sanskrit

Along with Science of  Heavens, Jyotis,
And the Science of Poesy.
Constitute these mighty sciences,
These Vedanga Sastras Six !

Arent Astronmy and Geometry
Extolled in the Quadrivium ?
In India they are known as Jyotis, Light,
Siddhanta, Sanhita and Hora !

Music, Arithmetic,Grammar,
Dialectic and Rhetoric
Are  the other arts liberal
Which can liberate.

So  can the Science of Luminaries, Jyotis,
Liberate Man from the mundane,
Jyotir  Yoga it is called
Union via The Science of Time,

Dante drew a superb parallel
Between the Seven Liberal Arts
And the Seven Revolving Heavens
In his captivating Convivio.

He gave grammar to Moon
And Dialectic to  Mercury
Rhetoric was given to Venus
And to Mars, Music !

Esoteric  meaning of Heaven
Is Knowledge of Self,  Wisdom
Heaven of Venus is Rhetoric
And the Heaven of Mars,  Music.

Mathematical artistry of Universe
Is displayed by Celestial Geometry
Astronomy and Geometry are liberating
As the mighty Jyotis Sastra !