Aurobindo Hypothesis V 

Integral Yoga =Divine Transmutation of Man.

This is the Ultimate Formula of Wisdom
The Divine Transmutation of Man !
Man is transmuted into something rich and strange
Into Absolute Being, Knowledge and Bliss !

Philosophers were arguing before,
Whether this or that Aspect of His is greater.
By integrating all Four into Integral Yoga,.
Sri Aurobindo solved the problem thus.

The aim of the Integral Yoga, Poorna Yoga,
Is to embrace the Lord in all His Aspects,
And even beyond Aspect ! For, the Lord is the All,
And more than the All ! Stay tuned !

Universal Love is needed in Bhakti Yoga,
Prajna, Discrimination, in Jnana Yoga.
Psychic Control in the Regal, Raja,
Incorporate these three and transcend.

But without His touch nothing can succeed
Only the Touch of That, which is all Becomings,
And yet exceeds all Becomings, can liberate Man,
From the imperfections of his limited .nature.

Transmutation is scientfically possible
Alchemy is the Science dealing with such
Baser metals can be converted into Aurum, Gold
Which is considered as hypothetical now.

Can one element be transmuted into another ?
Yes,by proton bombardment , says Chemistry!
If you add one proton to any element,,
Its Atomic Number changes and becomes another.

Transmutation process is happening in the Sun,
Wherein hydrogen molecules combine to form Helium,
With a tremendous release of energy ,
Which is known as a thermonuclear fusion reaction.

If the ancient Seer Poets of the Vedas
Had not known the secrets of fusions, nuclear and solar,.
They wouldnt have dared to speak of Transmutation,
Transfiguration Divine or Transformation !

Aurobindo underwent Transmutation,
And became Bhagavan Aurobindo.
As Siddhartha became Lord Buddha
And Ramana,Bhagawan Ramana
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Thursday, April 2, 2020