Scholars performing Homa to propitiate the Nine Revolving Heavens 


Despite technological advancements, man continues to suffer. Philosophically these are wages and Initiation is a process of intensive culture and accelerated evolution.

                                         Bad Karma it is that goeth as mental tension !
                                 Astro Remedies are Medicine, Meditation & methods Tantric !
                               ( Janmanthara Kritham Papam Vyadhi Roopena Jayathe
                                Thal Shanti Oushadha Dhyana Japa Homarchanadhibhi )


About the Nine Revolving Heavens 


Dante exclaimed " Lo and behold ! I saw the Sign that follows Taurus and was in it. O Stars of Glory, O Lights impregnated with mighty Power, from thee all I recognise my genius " !

Manasagaran, a Rishie who devoted to Astrology wrote in his magnum opus, Manasagiri

                            Those mighty Ones who bringeth all events, auspicious and inasuspicious
                            Those Ones who destroy all afflictions with Charity and Puja
                            Those great Ones who bring forth union and separation
                            To those Nine Great Heavens, I bow and pray for Peace                            

Astro Therapy means the remedial measures used in the science of the Heavens, to cure the afflictions caused by the planets. 

Therapy deals with the curative aspect .Every planet has a negative aspect. Experience has shown that even the most exalted planet sometimes harms the native. This is due to the hidden negative aspect of the planet and there is no planet freed from negativity. For example, in the horoscope of Napolean, Mars and Rahu elevated him to the status of emperor. But Mars and Rahu had some elements of destruction invested in them and ultimately paved the way for his ruin. He became emperor during Rahu Dasa & was whipped at Elba during Jupiterian reign.


Remedial Astrology or Astro Therapy 

The remedies can be

  1. Tantric
  3.          Vara Puja


              Amulets or Talismans called Yantras

  4. Vedantic

              Prayers to appropriate Deities

               Meditation & Yoga

  5. Gem Therapy
  7. Ayurvedic

Based on the Vedantic method of classification, all planets are classified under the triune categories - Satwa (  Divinity)  Rajas ( Humanity ) & Thamas ( Bestiality ).

Jupiter corresponds to Satwa, Saturn to Thamas and Venus to Rajas. If any of these planets are afflicted, remedial measures are prescribed based on the Gunas of the planets.

Deities predominating in the Triune Attributes of Nature (Satwa, Rajas and Thamas) correspond to the planets.

For instance, Jupiter corresponds to the Satwic Deity, Vishnu, Saturn to the Thamasic Deity Ayyappa and Venus to the Rajasic Deity, Lakshmi. Remedial measures takes the predominant attribute of the afflicted planet into consideration.

Mantras & Yantras

Mathematical & Philosophical Aspect of Yantras


A Yantra is a mathematical representation of Absolute Reality, symbolising the Divine Conscious Force who is infinite in her powers and personalities.

It is She in Her Four Great Aspects - as Valour ( Parvathi), as Wealth ( Lakshmi ), as Wisdom ( Sarasvathi ) & and as Time Personified ( Kali )!

The centre-point with Triangle starts from number 1 and moves clock-wise to 11 hexagon. Then it moves in concentric circles of lotus forms. The outermost layer with 64 petals is said to invite unlimited prosperity to the devotee. It also denotes the 64 Liberal Arts ( Chathush Shashti Kala Vidya ) associated with the worship of the Divine Mother in her aspect as Valour.

Parvathi Swayamvara Mantra

Similar to the Gayathri which is made up of 24 letters, this mantra is very powerful, made up of 48 letters.

Mantras are sacred. Hence these should be mastered only with the help of a Guru. This is most important as correct pronounciation of each word count a lot in attaining the desired benefit. Those who cant recite with clarity should propitiate with the help of learned Brahmin scholars.

This mantra should be recited 108 times daily for 18 days or 24 days or 48 days depending upon the seriousness of the situation.

Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala
Sthavara Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasamakarsha Akarshaya Swaha


" O Thou who art always in Union with the Lord, Master of Yoga, Terrible of Form Heart of all that is living and nonliving, Please give me the power of attraction and fascination, O Noble One " !

Parvathi Swayamvara Dhyana Sloka

Balarkayutha Suprabham Karathale Rolambamalakritham
Malaam Sandhadhatheem Manohara Thanum Mandasmithodyanmukheem
Mandam Mandamupeyushim Varayithum Shambhum Jaganmohinim
Vande Deva Munindra Vanditha Padam Ishtarthadham Parvathim


" O Thou who art resplendent with the radiance of the infant Sun, endowed with beauteous Form of immense charm, aalways with a pleasant & smiling face, Consort of the Lord, I pay by obeisances to Thee, who art respected by the Rishies of yore " !


Parvathi Swayamvara Homa

Scholars do the Homa or oblations reciting the mantra. This Homa is called Parvathi Swayamvara Homa.

By and large one can expect the prosperity within 18 days.

* Goddess Parvathi can be propitiated in " Deepam " , by reciting this mantra

* Pooja can also be done with Yantra

* Mantra can be recited by meditating on Goddess Parvathi.

Fruits, honey,rice,coconut, rice cooked with jaggary can be offered. Sweets made up of milk can also be offered.

Puja can be done on all days. However, Tuesdays, Friday and Full Moon days are very suitable.


Maharshi Durvasa composed 48 slokas based on one letter of the mantra in its beginning. Boys and girls who want an early marriage without any obstacle will be benefited by reciting this mantra with all sincerity and devotion.  Unfavorable planetary influences can also be overcome.


Maha Sudarshana Mantra


Om Kleem Krishnaya Govindaya Gopeejana Vallabhaya
Paraya Param Purushaya Paramatmane
Para Karmamantrayantraoushadhasthrashastrani Samhara Samhara
Mruthyor Mochaya Mochaya
Om Namo Bhagavathe Mahasudarshanaya Deepthre
Jwalapareethaya Sarvadigshobhanakaraya
Brahmane Para Jyothishe  Hum Phad Swaha

Meaning in English

O Lord Krishna, beloved of Prakriti and all devotees, O Supreme Soul of the Universe,
O Universal Self,

Please save me from all machinations of enemies in the form of occult blocks, from all evil acts ,

Also from death

O supremely Effulgent Maha Sudarshana which shineth in all the eight directions, the Ashta
Digs, O Glorious Light

Salutations to thee !


The Prasad or the Samvada ( energise ghee ) will be sent to you after the Homa 


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Poojas are different from Homas. For severe planetary afflictions Poojas are done. It can be said to be a minor Homa. It costs Rs 2000. Please click the link below for Pooja      Add to Cart/Checkout

Gemstone Therapyhichare as follows;

Red  Sun          Ruby
Orange Moon       Pearl
Light Blue   Jupiter                                       Yellow Sapphire
Ultra-Violet    Rahu     Hessonite
Green                Mercury       Emerald
Indigo           Venus          Diamond
Infra-red                 Ketu          Cat's Eye
Violet    Saturn              Blue Sapphire
Yellow               Mars      Coral

The Human Electro-magnetic Field ( also known as the Auric Field )
has been proved by Kirlian Photography. The part of the body afflicted by
disease will be darkened and a gem therapist gives the much needed
cosmic color ( gemstone ) to redeem the area afflicted by disease.

Ayurvedic Therapy

The seven planets correspond to the three humours ( Doshas ) in Ayurveda

In the Ayurvedic Model, the planets are classified thus

Jupiter  Kapha
Sun  Pitta
Moon  Vata & Kapha
Mars  Pitta
Mercury  Pitta, Vata & Kapha
Venus  Vata & Kapha
Saturn  Vata

The seven planets correspond to seven gross elements ( dhatus) thus

Jupiter  Fat
Saturn  Veins
Mars  Bone Marrow
Sun  Bones
Moon  Blood
Mercury  Skin
Venus Seminal Energy

By analysing the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet and the corresponding Dhatu which has caused the problem and can prescribe Ayurvedic remedial measures ( " Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham " )

Ayurvedic Gem Therapy

The following stones are prescribed in Ayurveda for specific disorders

Cancer  Emerald
Allergy Hessonite  
Skin Diseases  Catís Eye, Lapis Lazuli  
Insomnia  Pearl  
Paralysis  Amethyst
Nervous  Blue Sapphire  
Rheumatism  Blue Sapphire, Ruby  
Arthritis  Blue Sapphire  
Impotence  Topaz Coral 
Diabetes  White Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz
Liver problems  Coral  
Jaundice  Coral, Emerald, Topaz  
Hyperacidity  Hessonite  
Gastric Ulcer  Blue Sapphire
Flatulence  Jade, Lapis Lazuli  
Dyspepsia  Jade  
Dysentry  Emerald  
Colic  Catís Eye  
Cholera  Catís Eye, Topaz  
Abdominal Complaints  Emerald
Heart Troubles  Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli  
Penumonia  Diamond  
Palpitation  Topaz  
Tuberculosis  Blue Sapphire
Chest Pain Emerald, Ruby  


Sacred Music or Musica Divina

One feels a subtle warmth, as Kundalini ascends to the Thousand Petalled Lotus, the Sahasrara. Music has not only psychotherapeutic properties but can elevate you spiritually. Awaken your Kundalini with Musica Sacra !

These mantras are available in CDs  as  Sacred Music videos in MP4 format and it includes Nava Graha  Mantras , Nava  Graha Peeda Hara Stotra, Nava Graha Stotra, Nava Graha Gayatri,  Bhagya Sooktam, Sree Sooktam, Durga Sooktam, Gayathri, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and  other Sooktams, Ashtakams, Gayatris etc .  Email WebAstrologer