Dr B V Raman Hypothesis 

Astrology is the Mother of All Sciences 

One Maths Professor was talking to me about the 
glory of Maths. I paraphrased him saying that One 
Zero & Infnity ( esoteric symbols of Advaita Shoo- 
nyavada & Poornada ) are all Maths ! 

Then I told him that today is Chova Azhcha and 
Chova means Chomanna Graham - Mars the Red Planet 
and that Mars is Tiv and Tiv's Day became Tuesday 
and that Tuesday is consecrated to Mars- adding 
credence to the Dr B V Raman Hypothesis ! 

We are not saying that every thing was dscovered by Indians.

Goethe coined the term Levity for Anti Gravity.

Shaw coined the term Life Force and gave us this Equation

Life Force = Soul 
= Living Body - Dead Body 

Another scientist coined the term Extropy for Order ( the opposite of
Entropy - Disorder ).

The Aryabhata Hypothesis

He hypthesised about Khagoleya Gurutvakarshan- Celestial Gravity.
" Soorya Jagata Chakshu Gurutvakarshan".

Q - What maketh the planets revolve around the Sun?

A- The factor called Celestial Gravity.

Q- Which is the main cause for the perturbations of planets ?

A - Same factor.

Q- Why do planets retrograde ?

A - When a planet's course changes from Perihelion to Aphelion- 
in order to gain the Sun's Celestial Gravity it retrogrades !

The  Sine Tables of Aryabhata and Madhava

Parallel to the Tan Tables of Brahma Gupta we have
the Sine Tables of Aryabhata and Madhava which gives
correct sine values for every 3 degrees 45 minutes.

Actually they are not Sine Tables but the Tables of
R Sine Differences.

Suppose a planet has traversed 30 degrees. Its RSine
will be 206265 Seconds * Sin (30).

Circumference = 2 Pi R
= 360 degrees
R = 360/2 Pi
= 360/2* 3.14
= 360/6.28
= 57.3 degrees 
into Minutes = 57.3 * 60

into Seconds = 57.3 * 60 *60 
= 206265* Sin(30)