Affliction - A planet that is aspected by or is associated with malefics is said to be afflicted. 

Ahargana -  No  of  days elapsed from the beginning of Kali Era which started from 3102 BC as per the Vedic Calender. Used in Astrology Vedic. 

Almanac - A book or table which contains astronomical data including a calender for evey day.  The most outstanding almanac was made by Nostradamus in the Middle Ages. In India, vedic astrologers use these almanacs to generate birth charts vedic. 

Amavasya  -  New Moon.  Conjunction of the Moon with the Sun, so vitally important in Astrology Vedic.

Amavasi Yoga -  Conjunction of Sun and Moon. Mental strength of the native will be weak as  Moon becomes weak in digit strength. 

Angles - 1,4,7,10 houses. Angular ownership means the lordship of 1,4,7,10 houses. Also known as Quadrants or Kendras in Vedic Astrology. 



Anujanma - The tenth and the nineteenth stars from the birth star. The star owned by the constellational lord. 

Apahara or Bhukthi -  Sub -period  of a planet. In a ruling Dasa there will be sub-periods of other planets.

Aphelion - Away from the Sun. (  Ap - away and Helios - Sun )

Apogee - Away from the Earth. ( Ap - away Geo - Earth ). 

Aroodha -  The Sign rising at the time of query, the time when the querent asks the question. Normally used in Astrology Vedic Horary.  

Aries - The first Zodiacal constellation, from 0 degrees to 30 degrees of the Zodiac 

Ashtama Rasi - Eighth House, the House of Death, the most dreaded house.  

Ashtavarga -  Benefic  points  of  planets  in  a  Rasi or Zodiacal Constellation.

Aspect - The full vision  of a planet; normally a planet aspects the 7th house.

Astrology - The Science of Time. From Astra - Star and Logos - Science.


Astro Therapy - Therapy prescribed for the afflictions of planets. It may be philosophic ( like Meditation and Attunement ) or Tantric ( Occult practices ). 

Ayana - Solstice . There are 2 two types of  Ayanas _ Uttarayana and  Dakshinayana (  Northern  progress of the  Sun and Southern progress of the Sun). When the  declination of  the Sun is North - Uttarayana. When the declination of the Sun is  south - Dakshinayana).

Ayanamsa -  Precessional  Distance.  It  was observed that the Tropical  Zodiac  precedes  1  degree  in  every 72 years. It takes 25920 years to  precede  360  degrees  and this is called the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Badhakadhipatya - Ownership of a Badhaka house or obstruction house. 

Bhadra Yoga - Angular Mercury powerfully posited ( in own or exaltation house ). A yoga for fame & longevity. 

Bhava Chart -  Chart  based  on  the Ascending Degree. ex - Suppose the ascending degree of a man is  20th degree of Cancer. This point is  taken  as  the mid-point of Bhava ( House ) and 15 degrees to either side is  taken  as  the  Ascendant  House. So the Ascendant house or the First House is from 5th degree of Cancer to the 5th degree of Leo.

Bhava Sphutam - Longitudes of Houses ( Bhavas ).

Birth Number - The number of the date of birth. If 27th , the Birth Number is 2+7 = 9



Cadent Houses - 3, 6, 9 and 12 Houses are called Cadent Houses. ( Apoklimas ) 

Cardinal Signs - The four movable signs initiating the 4 seasons - Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer. 

Celestial Equator - The Equator of the Celestial Sphere, like the Equator of the earth. 

Celestial Meridien - Like the Greenwich Meridien of the Earth, the Meridien of the Celestial Sphere.

Chandra Vela Chandra Kriya & Chandra Avastha -  Subtle States of the Moon, so important in Astrology Vedic. 

Combustion - When a planet comes too  near the Sun, he is said to be combust.  Moon becomes combust when near 12 degrees of the Sun, Mars 17 degrees, Jupiter 11 degrees, Venus 9 degrees, Mercury 13 degrees & Saturn 15 degrees. 

Conjunction - 0 degrees. Two planets having the same longitude are said to be in conjunction. Conjunction with the Sun is known as Combustion and is considered bad in Astrology Vedic. 

Constellation - A group of stars. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac Vedic are constellations from Aries to Pisces. 

Chaitra  Paksha  Ayanamsa -  The Indian Govt adopted this Ayanamsa for all astronomical calculations. ( There are other Ayanamsas formulated by scholars.) Based on 180th degree of the Zodiac, which was fixed at the asterism, Chitra. 


Cuspal Degree - From 29 to 30 degrees of a Sign and from 0 to 1 degree of a Sign 

Dasa Period  of  Directional  Influence.  Saturn's  period is 19 years  Jupiter's 16, Mars 7,  Moon 10 Sun 6 Venus 20 Rahu 18 Ketu 7. When  a  person  is  born he is born in a certain star. It is ruled by  a  planet.  This  planet  is  ruling  at the time of birth. Say a  child  is  born in a  star  called  Zeta Piscium or Revathi. Its lord is Mercury and  Mercury  Dasa  will  be  ruling at the time of birth.  After  17  years  it  will  be  replaced by Ketu Dasa for 7 years and after 7 years Venus dasa for 20 years.

Dasamsa - 1/10 of a Sign. 3 degrees. 

Decanate - 10 degrees of the Zodiac ( Sanskrit - Drekkana ). Used heavily in Horary Astrology. Basically symbolic, with flowers and jewels as positive and auspicious and serpentine and bird decanates as negative and as impediments. This astrological symbolism is considered as intriguing and captivating by its beauty and compexity. Blessed is the astrologer who can use the decanates properly !


The 36 decanates and their forms are as follows


   Sign                                                                                          Form of Decanate

Aries  First Decanate  A man with a white cloth round waist, of darkish hue, with red eyes & lifted axe.
Aries  Second Decanate  A woman with red cloth, pot-bellied, horse-faced, thirsty &  single footed. 
Aries  Third Decanate   A cruel man, yellowish, unscrupulous, angry, covered with purple clothes
Taurus  First Decanate  A woman with torn ringlets, pot-bellied, thirsty, fond of food & ornaments
Taurus Second Decanate  A man possessing knowledge of  lands, grains,houses, cows,arts &  hungry
Taurus  Third Decanate  A man with an elephantine body, yellow hued, white teeth & clever
Gemini First Decanate  A female, beautiful, fond of ornaments and needlework, issueless.
Gemini Second Decanate  Man in garden, with bow & arrow, armed, face like Bird fond of play. ( Malefic )
Gemini Third Decanate A man adorned, decked with gems, with quiver & bow, poet & artistic
Cancer  First Decanate  A man holding fruits,with elephantine body, horse necked, in forest. ( Malefic )
Cancer  Second Decanate  A female with lotus flowers, with serpents, young, in forest & crying. ( Malefic )
Cancer  Third Decanate Man enveloped in serpents, flat-faced and crossing ocean for jewels. ( Malefic )
Leo First Decanate  A vulture and a jackal, a dog and a man, shabbhish and crying. ( Malefic )
Leo Second Decanate  A man with horse's body, leonine, armed with bow  &  with bent nose. 
Leo Third Decanate A man with a bear's face, monekyish, bearded & holding fruits & flesh
Virgo First Decanate  A female with a pot, with flowers, shabbish, avaricious & going to Guru
Virgo Second Decanate  A man with pen, darkish, holding a big bow, head tied around with cloth
Virgo Third Decanate A yellowish female,enveloped by white silk cloth, tall & going to Temple. 
Libra First Decanate  Man seated in the shop holding balances, good merchant & speculating
Libra Second Decanate  Man with vulture's face, hungry & thirst, thinking of wife and children.( Malefic ) 
Libra Third Decanate A man adorned with gems with golden quiver & armour & frightening all. 
Scorpio First Decanate  Pretty woman naked coming from middle of ocean,bound by serpents. ( Malefic )
Scorpio Second Decanate  A woman covered by serpents, body like tortoise & fond of home.(  Malefic )
Scorpio Third Decanate A lion with a flat face, tortoise-like & frightening animals. 
Sagittarius First Decanate  Man with a human face, horse's body , in hermitage, protecting the good
Sagittarius Second Decanate  A beautiful woman, picking gems from ocean, golden hued, aristocratic 
Sagittarius Third Decanate A man with long beard, golden hued, holding a stick & keeping deer skin
Capricorn First Decanate  A hairy man, with crocodile like teeth, body pig-like with cruel face. ( Malefic )
Capricorn Second Decanate  An artistic woman, lotus-eyed, greenish dark, wearing iron ear ornament
Capricorn Third Decanate A man with a body like that of an animal, fully armed, bearing jewels. 
Aquarius  First Decanate  Man with a face like a vulture, mind disturbed by oils,wines & water. ( Malefic )
Aquarius  Second Decanate  Woman with dirty cloth in forest, bearing pots & dragging metals in burnt cart
Aquarius  Third Decanate Darkish man, long haired, wearing a crown & wandering with pots 
Pisces  First Decanate  Man decked with ornaments, holding pearls, gems & conch shells. 
Pisces  Second Decanate  A golden hued female, with subordinates and sailing in a boat. 
Pisces  Third Decanate A man crying in a pit in forest, naked and covered by serpents. ( Malefic )


Descendant - Opposite of Ascendant. The Western Horizon. 

Declination - Angular distance from the Celestial Equator. 

Dwadasamsa - 1/12th division of a Sign.

Digit Strength - Moon has only strength if he has digit strength. He should be away from the Sun by 72 degrees to have digit strength. 

Dispositor -  The owner of the sign where the planet is posited. 


Dispositor Theory - A planet transmits its power to any planet posited in its sign. An important theory in birth horoscopes vedic. 

Ecliptic - The apparent path of the Sun around the Earth or rather the real path of the Earth around the Sun.

Eclipsed - Planets associated with the North and South Nodes. 

Elarata Saturn - When Transit Saturn transits the Lunar 12th, 1st and 2nd houses.  7 1/2 year cycle.  The Lunar 1st Transit is considered very dangerous and the native has to resort to severe Astro Therapy. The Lunar 12th and 2nd Transits are not so dangerous but still the affliction lingers. It is also known as Sade Sathi. The First Elarata Saturn is known as Mangum Shani ( Dimming Saturn ), the second one is Pongum Shani ( Rising Saturn ) and the last one is Pokku Shani or Fatal Saturn ! 


Electional Astrology - Astrology to find out time for auspicious events.  It is based on the Muhurtha Lagna or the Electional Ascendant. The astrologer vedic finds out the auspicious hours by analysing the different Ascendants which rise. Auspicious Ascendants like Pisces, Virgo, Libra etc are chosen and malefic Signs like Aries and Scorpio are shunned. 


Ephemeris - The astrologer's calender.  The Almanac. An astronomical table listing the daily positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets as they move through the heavens.  This is very important to astrologers vedic, as they cannot move without an ephemeris. 


Equator - 0 degree Latitude 

Fatal Degrees - These are 1, 9, 22, 23, 25,2,4,23,19,20,24 & 10 from Aries onwards

                        The Moon's are 26,12,13,25,24,11,26,14,13,25,5 & 12 

Fixed Signs - Signs which are fixed - Leo, Scorpio,Aquarius, Taurus

Full Moon -  Moon Opposition - 180 degress - to the Sun. It is also known as Super Moon. When two full Moons occur in the same sign in the same year, it is known as a Blue Moon.  ( Hence we have the saying " Once in a Blue Moon" ). 


Fadic Number - The sum total of all the digits which comprise the date of birth. 


First House - Represents Personality and Fame. Also known as Lagna in Astrology Vedic. 


First House Signifies Personality and Fame
Second  Signifies House Wealth
Third House Signifies Younger coborns, valour
Fourth House      Signifies Houses, conveyances
Fifth House Signifies Progeny, divine merit
Sixth House  Signifies Enemies, debts
Seventh House  Signifies Life Partner
Eighth House Signifies Death
Ninth House    Signifies Fortune, father, Guru
Tenth House          Signifies Profession
Eleventh House Signifies Gains, Fulfillment of all desires
Twelfth House   Signifies Liberation, incarceration.


Functional benefic - Planet owing quadrants ( 1,4,7,10 ) or trines ( 1,5,9)

Functional malefic - Planet owing 3,6,8,12 houses.

Functional neutral - Planet having bad and good ownerships 

Gandanta - The conjuncion of Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Sagittarius

G M N - Greenwich Mean Noon

G M T - Greenwich Mean Time 


Greenwich Meridien - 0 degree Longitude

Gulika  -  A satellite of Saturn. Its longitude is used in Horary Astrology. 

Hamsa Yoga - Angular Jupiter powerfully posited ( in own or exaltation house ). A yoga for fame & longevity. 

Hora     - 1 hour. 15 degrees of a Sign. The English word Hour is derived from the Sanskrit Hora. 

Horary Astrology - Astrology based on the Hour; the time of query.

Ingress - Entry of the Sun into the Cardinal Signs - Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, initiating the seasons. 

Ishta Bala - The square root of Exaltation Strength ( Uccha Bala ) & Motional Strength ( Cheshta Bala ). 

Janma Guru - Transit of Jupiter in the natal Moon Sign

Janma Rasi - The sign in which the Moon is placed in the birth chart. 

Kahala Yoga - Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Bestows the qualities of humility and scholarship. Also mastery of the senses.  Bernard Shaw was born in Kahala Yoga. 

Kandaka Sani - When Saturn transits the Lunar 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Minor when compared to Elarata Saturn. 

Kalapurusha _ The Absolute Self as Time Eternal; Zodiacal Man, Cosmic Man. Aries is His head and Pisces is His feet !

Kalasarpa Yoga= When all planets are hemmed in between the Nodes ( North & South Nodes, Rahu & Ketu), Kalasarpa Yoga is formed. This is a very malefic yoga

Karaka - Significator 

Kashta Bala - The Ishta Bala subtracted from 60. 

Kesari Yoga - Angular Jupiter , angular to the Moon. A yoga for fame and communication ability. 

Ketu - Moon's Descending Node . Cauda Draconis. 

Kemadruma - When there is no planet on either side of the Moon. A malefic yoga. Even a prince born under this yoga will take to the streets !

Krishna Paksha -  Dark Fortnight    - 15 days after the Full Moon.

Kuja Dosha _ Affliction caused by Mars. 

Lagna -  Ascendant The  Eastern  Horizon  of the place. The Sign rising  at  the  Eastern Horizon. For instance if the date of birth is say 05th JAN  the sign rising at the Eastern Horizon at the time of Sunrise is  Sagittarius.  This is known as Sagittarius Ascendant or Dhanus Lagna. 

Law of Correspondences - Philosophers say that all things are knowable, as being from One Essence, they correspond. There is correspondence between Heaven and Earth, between Mind and Matter, between the parts and the Whole.

Lord -  Lord  of  the star. All stars have lords. For instance Alpha Arietis  or  Aswathi  is  owned  by Ketu. Revathi or Zeta Piscium is owned by Mercury.

Lunar Ascendant - The Sign where the Moon is posited. If the Moon is in Cancer, Cancer is the Lunar Ascendant. 

Lunation - The Moon 12 degrees from the Sun; the first is called Prathama ( 0-12), the second Dwitheeya ( 12-24) and so on


Prathama First Lunation
Dwitheeya    Second Lunation  
Thriteeya  Third Lunation
Chathurthi   Fourth Lunation
Panchami  Fifth Lunation
Shasthi   Sixth Lunation
Sapthami  Seventh Lunation
Ashtami   Eighth Lunation
Navami  Ninth Lunation
Dasami     Tenth Lunation
Ekadasi  Eleventh Lunation
Dwadasi Twelvth Lunation
Thrayodasi Thirteenth Lunation
Chaturdasi Fourteenth Lunation







LMT - Local Mean Time after the longitudinal correction is applied. When the birthplace deviates from the longitude of the standard time meridian. I degree = 4 minutes of Universal Time. If the longitude of Trichur is -076.15 and the longitudinal difference is 6.15 , then 6.15*4 = 25 minutes must be minussed from the Standard Time Meridian. 

Madhyamam - Mean longitudes of planets 

Malavya Yoga - Angular Venus powerfully posited ( in own or exaltation house ). A yoga for fame & longevity. 

Maraka - The planet which inflicts death. 

Medical Astrology - That branch of Astrology which treats The Twelve Houses as the twelve parts of the human body. Ascendant is head and the 12th House is feet. The Seven Tissue Elements of Ayurveda correspond to the seven planets. 

Metalog - A directory of Astrologers 

MidHeaven - M C or Medium Coeli. The Meridien Cusp. Upper Meridien. 

Midpoint - That point midway between the two planets or sensitive points. 

Moolatrikona - A special area of a sign in which the planet has great strength. 

Muhurtha Lagna _ The Ascendant, the Eastern Horizon rising at the time of Electional Event. 

Mundane Astrology - International Astrology , the Astrology of nations. 

Mutable Signs - Signs which are mutable, viz Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Nadir - The lowest point. The I C. The Lower Meridien. 

Nakshatra -  Constellations. There are 27 constellations which tenant the Zodiac

Name Number - Every letter has a corresponding digit; Hence Name Number is the sum total of all the digits which comprise the name. 

Natural Benefics - Planets who are natural benefics. viz Jupiter, Moon, Venus and well associated Mercury

Natural Malefics - Planets who are natural malefics. viz Mars, Saturn, Sun, the North and South Nodes. 

Nava Doshas - The Nine Afflictions. Important in Horary Astrology. The time when any of the Nava Doshas are present is considered to be inauspicious. 

Navamsa Chart - 1/9th division of the Rasi Chart.

New Moon - Moon 0 degree conjunct with the Sun

Neechabhanga Raja Yoga - A regal yoga caused when a planet attains cancellation of debilitation, due to its dispositor or exaltation dispositor being in a quadrant. 

Negative Method in Gemology - According to this Method, the weak planet is identified in a horoscope and the gem is prescribed for that planet. 

Nirayana - Sidereal viz based on the constellation of fixed stars.

Nithya Yoga -  There  are  27 Nithya Yogas. Period during which the joint motion  in  longitude of Sun and Moon amounts to 13 degree 20 minutes of arc.

Occultation - Hiding of a celestial body by another. 

Opposition - 180 degrees.

Pada -  Quarter  of  a  star  or  asterism. A star is divided into 4 quarters or 4 padas .Lunar Mansion. There are 27*4 = 108 lunar mansions in V A. 

Panditya Yoga - A yoga for scholarship. Mercury_Jupiter conjunction in a Sign. 

Papa Varga   - Malefic Points. 

Parallel - An aspect based on latitude rather than longitude. Two planets located on the same degree of latitude are said to be parallel. The influence is similar to that of a conjunction  of 2 planets. 

Perigee - Near the Earth ( Peri- near Geo - Earth  )

Perihelion - Near the Sun. Peri - near, Helios - Sun 

Planetary Attributes - According to Yogic Psychology, the triune attributes which affect the mind are Satwa ( Divinity ), Rajas ( Humanity ) & Tamas ( Bestiality ). Jupiter represents Satwa, Saturn Tamas, Mars Tamas, Venus Rajas, Moon Satwa, Mercury Rajas, Sun Rajas and the Nodes Tamas. 

Planetary Colours - Sun is red, Moon is fair, Jupiter is of golden hue, Mars is reddish, Mercury is greenish, Venus is darkish and Saturn is black !

Planetary Cycles - Generally refers to the time taken by a planet to make a circuit of the Zodiac. For instance Solar Cycle is one year, the Jupiterian is 12 years, Saturnine is 30 years etc.  

Planetary Deities - Jupiter represents Vishnu, Mercury Krishna, Venus Mother Goddess, Saturn, Hanuman. Sun Lord Shiva, Moon Durga and Mars Muruga. 

Planetary Directions - Sun represents East, Venus South-East, Mars South, Rahu South-West, Saturn West, Moon North West, Mercury North and Jupiter North East !

Planetary Gems - Moon represents Moonstone, Mars Coral, Mercury Emerald, Jupiter Yellow Sapphire, Venus Diamond, Saturn Blue Sapphire, Sun Ruby, North Node Hessonite and South Node Cat's Eye. 

Planetary Genders - Saturn and Mercury are eunuchs, Moon and Venus are female, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male !

Planetary Hour ( Kala Hora )  - The duration of the day divided by 12. On a Thursday, the first planetary hour is ruled by the ruler of the day, Jupiter. Then the sequence is like this - Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Planetary Hour during night is the night divided by 12 and the first ruler of night is the fifth lord from the ruler of the day of the week. Eg - on a Thursday, the first ruler is Moon ( the ruler of Monday, which is the fifth from Thursday). 

Planetary Humors - According to Ayurveda, the triune humours are Vata, Pitta and Kapha - wind, bile and phlegm. Sun and Saturn represent Pitta and Vata, Moon Vata and Kapha, Mars Pitta, Mecury Pitta, Vata and Kapha and Jupiter and Venus Vata and Kapha. . 

Planetary Indications - Sun represents the Soul of the Cosmic Man, Moon His Mind, Mars His Physical strength, Mercury His speech, Jupiter represents Happiness, Learning and Wisdom, Venus His Libido and Saturn symbolises  Sorrow, the sorrow of the Cosmic Man, the sorrow inherent in the act of Manifestation. Astrology Vedic is an indicative science and the planets, the constellations, the houses all indicate terrestrial events. 


Planetary Mantras - Every planet has a mantra and this is used in Astro Therapy. Mantras are codified prayers, which are effective. 


                                          Divine Grace is the greatest

                                                     Grace Divine is immanent in Mantra

                                                     The Tantric knows how to use mantras

                                                     He should be revered !


Planetary Mythology - Mythology of the planets. There is a story in Greek Mythology that Jupiter saw Pallas Athene taking a bath in the same pond and expelled her from that pond. This is symbolic of a theory in Astronomy that earlier Venus was a moon of Jupiter and was expelled from the orbit of Jupiter. In Indian Mythology, King Ravana commanded Saturn to come and stay in the 11th House when his son Indrajith was born. Saturn stayed in the 11th house but put his foot in the 12th house. Enraged at this Ravana cut off Saturn's leg and the mass of blood and bones went and stayed in the Ascendant as Gulika. This is how Gulika, a satellite of Saturn, was born !

Planetary Numbers - Sun represents One, Moon Two, Jupiter Three, North Node Four, Mercury Five, Venus Six, South Node Seven, Saturn Eight and Mars Nine. The basis of Astro Numerology. 

Planetary Periods - Are called Dasas or periods of directional influence. 



Planetary Pets - Cats are ruled by the Sun, dogs by Mercury, birds by Venus, horses by Jupiter, fish by Neptune, reptiles by Saturn, and night creatures by Pluto. 

Planetary Portfolios - Sun represents the King, Moon the Queen, Mars the Defence Minister, Mercury the Prince, 
Venus and Jupiter are Ministers and Saturn is the Messenger in the Government of the Almighty. 

Planetary Professions - Jupiter and Mercury represent the intellectual avocations ( Lawyer, Doctor, Philosopher ), Venus represents the Aesthetic avocations, Mars and Sun represent the Political and Militatary avocations, Moon represents the Business and Industry avocations and Saturn represents the Clerical avocations. 

Planetary Significations - Moon represents Mother, Venus Wife, Jupiter Children, Sun Father, Mars brothers and sisters & Saturn represents subordinates !

Planetary Symbolism - In Mythology Planets are depicted allegorically as gods. In Vedic Temples, the garment of the planetary Deity will be of the correspoding color ( For Jupiter Golden Yellow ). 

Planetary Synonyms - Jove for Jupiter, Tiv for Mars, Woten for Mercury, Freya for Venus, Sol for Sun, Luna for Moon, Kronos for Saturn and Dione for Venus. 

Planetary States (Seven )  - Seven states have been assigned to planets in Hora. A powerfully posited and exalted planet is known as Sampoorna, an exalted but not well posited planet is Riktha, a planet in inimical Sign is called Anishta, a planet Descending from its exaltation point is called Avarohi, a planet exalted in Amsa or in friendly sign is called Madhya, a planet Ascending to its exaltation point is called Arohi and a planet in debilitation sign is called Adhama. One should predict Periods or Dasas based on these Seven Planetary States. 

Planetary Tissue Elements ( Seven)- Jupiter represents Fat, Saturn represents Veins, Sun Bones, Moon blood, Mercury skin, Venus Semen and Mars Bone marrow 

Planetary Virtues (Seven ) - Jupiter represents Justitia ( Justice ). Saturn represents Temperantia ( Temperance). Sun Prudentia ( Prudence ). Mars represents Fortitude, Mercury Knowledge, Venus Wisdom and Moon Understanding. 

Planetary Weekdays (Seven) - Moon rules Monday, Mars Tuesday, Mercury Wednesday, Jupiter Thursday, Venus Friday, Saturn Saturday and Sun Sunday. 

Planetary Yantras - Brihaspati Yantra for Jupiter, Budha Yantra for Mercury, Shukra Yantra for Venus, Soma Yantra for Moon, Saura Yantra for Sun, Rahu Yantra for the North Node, Ketu Yantra for the South Node, Sani Yantra for Saturn and Kuja Yantra for Mars. 

Positive Method in  Gemology - The method which identifies the functional benefic in a chart and prescribes the gem for that planet. Functional benefic means a planet who owns both a trine and an angle. 

Pournami    -         Full Moon.  Moon 180 degrees from the Sun

Precessional Cycle - 25920 years, which is the time required for the Equinoctial Point to precede 360 degrees. 

Quartile - A synonym for the square or the 90 degrees aspect. 

Quintile - A minor aspect of 72 degrees which is said to have been known only to the initiates of the Chaldean mysteries. This aspect is created by dividing the circle into 5 equal parts.  

Quincux - An aspect of 150 degrees between 2 planets. 

Rahu - Moon's Ascending Node . Caput Draconis. 

Rasi -   Zodiacal Sign . There are 12 signs of the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces . 30 degrees of arc.

Rasi Chart - Map of the heavens at the time of birth.

Rectification - A method of correcting the time of birth. Usually done by gradually adjusting the birth time to see if the dasas and the varga charts can be lined up with the individual's past history. 

Retrogression - Astronomical phenomenon. The backward motion of a planet.

Rithu - 2 months. There are 6 Rithus in a Year.

Ruchaka Yoga - Angular Mars  powerfully posited ( in own or exaltation house ). A yoga for fame & longevity. 

Sasa  Yoga - Angular Saturn powerfully posited ( in own or exaltation house ). A yoga for fame & longevity. 

Septile - An aspect of 51 1/2 signifying fatality, predicting some unexpected, Karmic or hidden development in life. 

Saptha Varga - Points attained by planets. May be malefic or benefic. .

Sapthamsa - 1/7th Division of a Sign.

Sarvashtavarga - Total benefic points in the 12 signs.

Sayana  - Tropical viz based on the Signs of the Zodiac.

Sphutam - Celestial longitudes of planets.


Shad Bala - The Sixfold Source of Planetary Strength


       1) Positional Strength ( Sthana Bala ). 

       2) Aspectual Strength  ( Drik Bala )

       3) Directional Strength ( Dik Bala )

       4) Temporal Strength    ( Kala Bala )

       5) Motional Strength     ( Cheshta Bala )

       6) Intrinsic Strength      ( Naisargika Bala )


Sextile - A sixty degree aspect. 

Sidereal - Pertaining to Sidereus, the constellation of fixed stars 

Sidereal Time - Time based on the diurnal motion of the stars. Normally computed as the Mean Longitude of the Sun divided by 15. 

Sidereal Period - The period taken by a planet to make a circuit of the Zodiac. 

Shodasamsa - 1/16th of a Sign. 

Shukla Paksha - 15 days after the New Moon 

Square - Indicates a relationship between  two planets in a chart as one of three positions - 4 or 7 or 10 houses from each other. 

Subha Varga  - Benefic Points.

Synodic Period - The time taken between two conjunctions with Sun. 

Thithi -  Lunation .  When the Moon is within 12 degrees from the Sun it is the First Lunation  or Prathama. When Moon is within 24 degrees from the Sun it is the Second Lunation or Dwitheeya. 


Tridoshas - According to Ayurveda, health is maintained by a certain equilibrium of three fundamental humors - Wind ( Vatha ), Bile ( Pitha ) & Phlegm ( Kapha ). 

Trines - 1,5,9 houses. Trinal lordship means the lordship of 1,5,9 houses. 

Trimsamasa - 1/30th division of a Sign.

Triune Longitude ( Trisphuta ) - The longitudes of Sun, Moon and Gulika.

Tutelary Deity - Protecting Deity 

Universal Time - G M T, O degrees longitude, 0 hours in time, from which all other time zones are determined. 

Vara Puja - The most effective remedy in Vedic Astrology. The planet is propitiated on that day ( for instance for Jupiter - Thursday ).




Vargottama - Planet occupying the same signs in Rasi and Navamsa.

Vasumath Yoga - A benefic yoga arising  when benefics are posited in 3,6.10 & 11 Houses. 


Vedic Foods - Low acidity, low-cholesterol diet based on Naturopathy, the prophylactic aspect of Ayurveda. 


Vital Number - The sum total of all the digits which comprise your date of birth. 


Yoga - A conjunction of planets; viz Raja Yoga - a regal combination when certain benefic planets occupy benefic positions.







Zodiac - A belt of the Heavens 9 degree away from the Ecliptic and all planets swim in this 18 degrees belt. 



Zodiacal Colours - Aries is red, Taurus is fair, Gemini is greenish, Cancer is fair, Leo is mildly white, Virgo is multicoloured, Libra is of blackish hue, Scorpio golden, Sagittatarius is golden, Capricorn is mildly fair, Aquarius is blackish and Pisces is fair !