Ashtapadi XI - Nadha Hare - Ode to the Lord

The Active Cause, Purusha
Falls in love with Passive Nature !
Is it Hindu Dialectics?
Is it Great Synthesis
Which contains
Thesis and Anti Thesis ?
Science and Philosophy
Combined as Truth ?

nAdha harE jagannAdha - SankarAbharaNam - rupaka
SlOkam adhatAngamtu maSaktAm chira manu raktAm latA gruhe drushTvA
tachcharitam gOvindE manasija mandE sakhee prAha ||

Radha's confidante
Goes to Krishna and tells
About Radha's state of passion
Her passion for the Lord
Which surpasses all
Krishna knoweth this state
The state in which
He Himself is in !

paSyati diSi diSi rahasi bhavantam
tvadadhara madhura madhu ni pibantam
nAdha harE jagannAdha harE
seedati rAdhA vAsa gruhE ||nAdha||

Radha is looking everywhere
For Thee, O Lord of Cosmos !
She is distressed, panicky
At your amorous pastimes
With other Gopis !
There she sits
Melancholic, in her cottage !

tvadabhisaraNa rabhasEna valantee
patita padAni kiyanti chalantee||nAdha||

Excited she is
To meet you
To see you steadily
And see you whole
There she walks
With steps faltering !

vihita viSada bisa kisalaya valaya
jeevati paramiha tava rati kalayA||nAdha||
To soothe herself
Radha is tying lotus stems
She wants to unite with Thee
Which is the aim
Of all Heavens and Nature !
The Ultimate Union
Which produced the Universe !

muhuravalOkita manDana leelA
madhuripu rahamiti bhAvana SeelA||nAdha ||
She decorates herself
As Thee
She thinks she is Krishna
Supreme Personality of Godhead !
Hail Prakriti
Who is infinite in Wisdom !
tvarita mupaiti nakadhA mabhisAram
hari riti vadati sakhee manu vAram||nAdha||

She is asking her friends 
Again and again
Why you are not meeting
Her at your rendezvous !
Bhakti is a state
Where there is no Vibhakti
Non separation from Self
None can blame her !
Slishyati chumbati jaladhara kalpam
harirupagata iti timira manalpam||nAdha||
How crazy she is
Imagining you are
Kissing her entire
She cannot suffer
The pangs of separation
Her bhakti is selfless
How can anybody
Who has enjoyed Bliss
Which is Thee entire
Renounce Thee ?
bhavati vilambini vigaLita lajjA
vilapati rOditi vAsaka sajjA||nAdha||

There she waits
On her bed
For Thee, O Handsome One !
Shyness holds absolute sway
In Her, she weeps for Thee !

Sree jayadEva kavErida muditam
rasika janam tanutam atimuditam||nAdha||

The poet Jayadeva
Intoxicated with Bliss
The Bliss of Self
Describes Eternal Love
Of Purusha and Prakriti
Of Krishna and Radha
Let the connoisseurs
Of Love and the arts
Enjoy the Bliss
Of Love Divine !