Aryabhata Hypothesis - 

Mean Longitude Correction Method.

India is not a Colony, but a Nation,
A Civilization, like the mighty West.
India has her Poets, Scientists and Philosophers,
Just like the powerful West.

As scholars, Indian and Western, believe differently
Let us be least controversial
Both are great civilizations
And none plagiarised from the other.


According to Western Learning,
Kepler first postulated Planetary Laws.
According to Indian Learning,
Aryabhata first calculated celestial longitudes !

( Aryabhato Graha Ganitham }

Correct Mean Longitude thrice
ComputIng Anomalies, Manda, Vipata & Sheeghra,
Considering majot perturbations
And you get the true longitude

The Great Guru Shani Karsha,
m = 1187 secs*( Sin ( xyear - 4660) * 360/918)

And four more perturbations are computed
Before the major calculations !

About Computation of Celestial Longitudes

Soorya is the Central Eye
Of the Solar System
Because of his celestial gravity,
All planets revolve.

{ Soorya Jagata Chakshu, Gurutvakarshan }

Correcting the Mean Longitude Method
Is based on the Aryabhatan Model.
Kerala School follows this Model,
Of a Helio Geo Universe.

Lord of the Logos is Soorya,
And cause of the Solar system.
Will reveal the Eye of the Vedas,
For it cometh from Universal Mind!

Sooryam na tva Graha patim
Jagaat Utpathi Karanam
Vakshyami Veda Nayanam
Yadha Brahma Mukhasrutham.

Refutation of charges againstt Sun Worship

Eternians have been chastised
For worshipping the Sun
They worship not the external Sun,
But the Inner Sun, the Atma Tattva, Divya Tattva !

The Sun is the source of all Energy
Without him, life on Earth not possible
Its thermonuclear fusion reaction
Gives heat to the Logos entire1

Without Him, can humanity exist ?
So He is the only visible Deity !
His longitude creates the Seasons,
And He is the basis for Time Calculations !

If the pagans are superstitious,
For worshipping a God they have seen
Anti pagans are more superstitious
For worshipping a God they have never seen !