That which generateth Bliss
Is grand child of Deity,  Art Divine!
Can transport Man to heights celestial,
Kal Ahladata iti Kala.

Poetry has  been defined by savants,
As the Fullness of Generation of Beauty !
Its artistic aspect is more manifest
Than its aspect as Kavya Sastra !

Sangeet has been defined as the Confluence
Of  Lyrics, Music and Dance !
These Three glorious  Arts constitute
The Triad called Musicology !

Geometry and Astronomy were placed
At the top of all  Arts !
Along with Arithmetic & Music,
They form the Quadrivium.

Indians placed the Triad,
Of Astronomy, Maths & Astrology,
Amongst the  auxiliary sciences six,
Giving priority to them.

In the Seven Liberal Arts Classification,
Rhetoric, Grammar & Dialectics,
Were placed in the Trivium ,
Parallel to the Vedanga Sastras.

Astronomical Mysticism symbolises,
Lunations Fifteen of the Moon
As the Lunar  Fifteen  Kalas,
With the Sixteenth as Transcendence !

This Astro Symbolism graces
Sacred Geometry symbol, Sree Yantra !
Sreemad Panchadasa Aksharaika Nilayam
Sree Shodasee Mandiram.

Jove represents Geometry,
Saturn, Astronomy Celestial.
Sun,   Arthmetic
And Music,  Mars !

Venus, Rhetoric
Dialectic, Mercury
Grammar, Moon,
Seven represent Seven thus !