The Philosopher is a rebel,
He is against the outworn fetishes
Of a purblind system social,
And he will fight for Justice.

God is the Second Principle,
In Advaita Vedanta Sastra !
God is partt of the Relative Triad,
Hence, only relatively real !

Absolute Brahman became Cosmic Mind,
Giving rise to Jagat, Jiva and Para.
Absolute became Relative, doing so,
And the Relative cannot be absolutely real !

The Same, the Same, friend and enemy,
Are the Same Substance and the Stuff .
Is such that the variations of form
Are unimportant indeed.

The Non Self is defined first,
In order to differentiate it from Self.
From the Macrocosm to Microcosm.
All that you see is Non Self.

Absolute Reality and Relative Reality
Are two types of Reality
Maya, Mithya means Relative Reality
And Brahman, Absolute Reality.

Maya means everything is Mind,
Mind is Substance, Perception is Essence.
Everything is externalised and internalised,
By Mind, the main enemy of Man !

In the Western, the Self,
Has been variously defined.
As Reason in Aristotle
And as Will Power in Nietzsche.

The Adi Sastra defined the Self,
As Attributteless,Actionless, Eternal,
Formless, Verity, Non Dual, Sublime,
Birthless, Deathless and Absolute !