The Different Aspects of Absolute Being

One person asked an Eternian,
"Why do you worship many Gods?"
Pat came the bewildering answer,
" I worship One, which manifests as Many".

I am a husband, brother, son,
Uncle, teacher and social worker.
I have many aspects,
So too, the Divine has many aspects !

For sheer Delight of Being, Rasa,
The Pure Existent multiplied Itself.
And became billions of forms,
So that it could actualise itself multitudinously.

The 33 Deities of the Eternal Law,
Are 33 esoteric principles.
Twelve Suns, Rudras Eleven,
Eight Vasus and two Physicians !

In Thy Aspect as Time,
Thou Art known as Kalapurusha !
Time is not only the Destroyer, the All Devourer,
But also the Great Healer, Creator & Preserver !

In Thy Aspect as Space,
Thou Art known as Vishwapurusha !
The Fourteen Universes Parallel are Thy Body,
With the Empyrean, Satya Loka, as Thy Head !

In Thy Aspect as Wisdom,
Thou Art known as Vedapurusha !
The Six Auxiliary Sciences are Thy Body,
With Astro Science as Thine Eye.

In Thy Aspect as Love,
Thou Art known as the Lord!
Thou Art Justice Personified,
As the highest Justice is Love !

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