A stands for Adhyatmana Bhedata,
The Undivided, as if in things divided,
Unified Consciousness sees diversity,
Deluded by Its Cosmic Illusion, Maya !
Visvam Pasyati Karya karyanataya swa swami sambadhata
Sishyaacharyataya thadaiva Pitru putradhyatmana bhedhata
Swapne Jagrati va ena purusho Maya paribhramita,
Tasmai Sree Guru Moorthaye Nama idam Sree Dakshina Moorthaye.
When Lord Rama wept for His lost Sita,
Vivekananda's Master averred,
Brahm weeps, ensnared,
In the meshes of His Own Maya !
A stands for Atmani Mayaya,
That all this is willed by the  Self,
And perpetually entertained,
HImself the Drama, Dramatist & Witness ! 
A stands for Advyayam Swa Atma,
I am That Non Dual Self,
True Experience of Enlightenment,
When the babe Soul rests on Spirit !
Visvam Darpana Drisyamana Nagari thulyam nijanthar gatham,
Pasyan  Atmani Mayata Bahurivoth bhootam yada Nidraya.
Ya Sakshat kurute  Prabodha Samaye Swatmana mevadhwayam,
Tasmai Sree Guru Moorthaye Nama idam Sree Dakshina Moorthaye.
A stands for Ambili Kala choodam nin Thiru Jadayile,
Emphasising the role of Symbology in Symbolism Divine
As the Moon represent Mind,Mother and Medicine,
Wearer of the  Crescent is He who has mastered his mind !

 ( Ambili Kala choodam nin Thiru Jadayile
Thumba malarinu  idamille
Pranava mukharithamamee Prakritiyil
Pranaya madhu naivedyavumay
Virium malarin ithalil  Haranude
Thirumizhi thazhukukillle ?

Is there no sacred space for a flower
In Thy divine locks which carry the Crescent ?
In this mighty Prakriti, reverberating with Aum
Will not the flower's petals that blossom,
With honeyed Naivedya
Be embraced by His Eyes triune ? )
A stands for Asura Darma, Pragmatism,
That the God of this world is Mammon,
It is Money that rules the world,
Sarve Gunan Kanchanam Asrayanti.
The demerit of Asura Dharma,
Is lack of mental peace and happiness.
Kottaram Chintayal Jagaram Kollunnu,
Kochu Kudilil Atre Nidra Sukham.
Mammon has been defined,
As Emperor of the dolorous Kingdom.
Hell may be a place of immense wealth,
But it is also a place of immense gloom !
A stands for Aravam Ragam Asuram Taalam,
That Kerala     is a Heaven on  Earth,
Mainly because of the green landscaping,
Of Nature Mighty.
A stands for all that is Asura,
Asura is the sensory enjoyer,
Whole world is sunk in Bhoga,
In Wealth, Wine & Women.
A stands for the Anti Christ,
Whose reign this Era is,
Of base passions and Materialism,
Matter is deified and   Spirit ignored !
A stands for Asanthasya Kutha Sukham,
Lack of mental peace characterises Asura Dharma,
Which is followed by biz men, mafia dons and politicians,
Who want to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven !
Mammon was the first Guru,
" By him first, men also",
He hated being a valet in Heaven,
And revolted against the Lord !
" We may with successful hope resolve,
To wage by force or guile  eternal war,
( Irreconcilable to our Grand Foe,)
Who now triumphs, in excess of joy,
Sole reigning the Tyranny of Heaven ! "
Man is a tripod of Body, Mind and Spirit,
Liberation can onlybe had through intuitive Gnosis,
It is Human Wisdom , slightly different from Anthropology.
A stands for Antidote,
Antidote to Worldliness is Yoga.
Worldliness is illness, Bhoga is Roga,
Whose Therapy is nothing but Yoga !
A stands for Asi Medha Twam,
Thou Art Intelligence.
Also for Akhila Sastra Sara,
Quiintessence of all sciences Art Thou !