Vedic Astrology Lesson 189 


The Effects of the Sun in the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
Famous he becomes,
Whose Sun tenants,
Aries within ten degrees !
Will be fond of travel !

As Sun is exalted,
Within first ten degrees,
Fame will be conferred.
With less wealth.

If the Sun is in Taurus,
Educated, textile trader he will be,
Income from Music, literature,
Misogynist, hater of women .

WIth Arithmetic- Logical intelligence,
Intelligence ,

Sun in Gemini  is a mathematician !
Lover of Astrology, Maths,
Grammar, Rhetoric & Logic

If the Sun be in Cancer,
He will be devoid of wealth.
Interested in others,
With sorrow and bad progeny !

If the Sun be in Leo,
He will be fond of travel,
In forests and with animals,
Shrewd and strong !

If the Sun be in Virgo,
Will be knowledgeable in writing,
In Mathematics, sculpture,
With body feminine !

If the Sun be in Libra,
Will be prosperous,
From Music, Literature,
And with body beautiful !

If the Sun be in Scorpio
Will be adventurous and cruel
Will struggle professionally
And will be skilled in arts !

If the Sun be in Sag ,
Will be adored by all !
Will be well off, doctor .
And fond of sculpture !

If the Sun be in Capricorn ,
Will be unethical ,
Will be ignorant ,
And will struggle !

If the Sun be in Aquarius ,
Will be trader in aquatic products ,
Will be adored generally ,
By women !

If the Sun be in Pisces ,
Acquisitive and fond of women ,
Learned, vanquisher of enemies ,
Well off and prosperous !