Mar       Jup      
Rah       Virat Kohli

       Uthram II 

  Sat   Lag          Sun Mer Gul  Ven  Moo   





With Mars powerfully posited in Pisces, we have the ideal sportsman's hotoscope.( Mars is te Sports Planet, Bhratha Satvam cha Bhauma. It idicates a man of ministerial calibre, Jaivam Naikharipur Narendra Saciva.

Saturn is  Sagittarius is very powerful and goes by the name of Kodanda Shani. K S makes a man fortunate, karoti bhoopather janma and it indicates Punya of a high order. In the House of Jupiter, Saturn confers good spouse, children & wealth, Sat Putra Jaya Dhano. The native becomes a leader !

From 2010 onwards, Rahu Maha Dasa started. He created many records. He now has 56 ODI centuries and 21 Test Centuries and may well break Sachin's records. Rahu can give immensely, Rahuveppole Kodupporillai, Ketuve pole Kedupporillai ! As a batsman, there is none his equal.

The main feature of the horoscope is the presence of Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga ( Sun & Mercury conjunction ). This Yoga gave him fame and made him a genuine professional !

The million dollar question is this. With both Jupiter and Saturn favorable for India now, can he bring the World Cup ? But he has both jupiter and Saturn unfavorable ( Jup in 3rd and Sat in 4th ). So there are impediments and obstacles !