Vedic Astrology Lesson 84    

                                                                            Transpersonal Astrology


We find many correlatives between Western Psychological Astrology and Indian Spiritual Astrology. The Western system is more psychological than the Indian. The Indian is more spiritual than the Western.


It is to the credit of Western Astrology that it has created Transpersonal Astrology, based on Maslow's Transpersonal Psychology.  Humanistic Astrology is based on Carl Roger's Humanistic Psychology. And Depth Astrology  based on Depth Psychology, based on the Freudian and the Jungian systems.


Transpersonal Astrology maintains that Astrology is transpersonal in nature. That is Astrology deals with the Need Hierarchy Scale and here are the functions of the planets fulfilling those needs.


Mars & Mercury Physiological Needs
Saturn Esteem Needs
Venus Love Needs
Jupiter Self Actualisation
Jupiter Self Transcendence


The drive of Mars & Mercury is to get the basic physiological needs of Man, food, clothing and shelter.  Mars is a mundane planet and his concentration is on the specific and the immediate, in direct contrast to Jupiter, who focusses on things heavenly. Saturn drives towards esteem needs, the need to be recognised in society. Those who are indulging in Social Service will have a powerful Saturn in their horoscopes. It is Venus, the planet of Love, who drives towards love needs. Every one wants to be loved and Venus tends man to the romantic and the mundane. The heavenly needs, like Self Actualisation and Self Transcendence are fulfilled by Jupiter. Jove tends towards Knowledge, both worldly and divine. Towards all sciences and all arts, which are represented by Him. Philosophy, Mythology, Religion, Astronomy, Maths, Astrology - all these have been hailed as divine sciences and a powerful Jupiter tends the native towards these celestial branches of Knowledge.


The word Mind is derived from the Sanskrit " Mana".  According to Yogic Psychology, Mind is the sole cause of bondage and Liberation, Mana eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayo. Mind has many different layers, the subconscious, the conscious, the unconscious and the Super conscious. Yogic Psychology is the science of the Superconscient. and it is represented by Jupiter.  The Yogic psychologists gave prime importance to Jupiterian Super Conscious Knowledge. " The only real Knowledge is the knowledge of the Superconcient Absolute" averred Aurobindo. What is the use of knowing everything, if you dont know the Self ?

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In a horoscope, depending on which planet is powerful, the needs represented by that planet will be powerful. If Jupiter is powerful, the native will tend to Self Actualisation. If Mars, he/she will be mundane in outlook. A Casanova, if  Venus is powerful.  A politician or a businessman, if Saturn is powerful.

In the horoscopes of Sages, we find Jupiter powerful. We find Venus powerful in the horoscopes of businessmen dealing with vehicles. Henry Ford, for instance. We find Mars powerful in the horoscopes of military Generals and Police Officers.  And Saturn powerful in the horoscopes of politicians.



In a horoscope, the Ascending Sign, the Ascendant, becomes the pivot of Destiny. The imprinting influences of Heaven, that is the imprint of the planets determine how powerful the needs are .



"Lo caelo e vostri movimenti initia - The Stars initiate our movements" remarked Dante in the Divina Commedia.  So Astrology, when properly understood, becomes transpersonal knowledge !