Vedic Astrology Lesson 186 

                                                                     Of Planetary Periods and Sub Periods



In the Bhukti of  Sun
During Mars' Dasa
Favors from Government
Adventurous in battle
With lots of subordinates
With prosperity good
With acts altruistic
With hard earned largesse
Anger from Gurus
Calumny against you
Sorrow due to near and dear
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Moon
During Mars' Dasa
Gain of largesse
Happiness from children
Lessening of enemies
Gain of jewels and dress
Affliction to Father
Affliction to Gurus
Diseases due to Pitha
Laziness, sleep
All are indicated !
Rahu Dasa
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In the Bhukti of  Rahu
During Rahu Dasa
Fear of poison
Cold and similar ailments
Wooing of women
Affliction to dear and near
Enmity due to words bad
Visits to foreign lands
Intellectual inertia
Are indicated

But if the North Node, Rahu
Is strong positionally
Strong with a powerful dispositor
Auspiciousness will be conferred !
In the Bhukti of  Jupiter
During Rahu Dasa
Ego satisfaction
Propitiation of celestials
Health good
Gain of wife and kids
Performing acts altruistic
Thoughts about Sastras
Favors from ministers
Enthusiasm good
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Saturn
During Rahu Dasa
Diseases due to Vata and Pitta
Affliction to body physiologic
Quarrels with wife and kids
Destruction to subordinates
Tour and travel abroad
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Mercury
During Rahu Dasa
Happiness from children
Gain of largesse
Interaction with relatives
Smartness in dealings
Gain of ornaments
Royal favor
And enjoyment of virtues
Are all indicated !
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