Vedic Astrology Lesson 184  
                                        Of Planetary Periods and Sub Periods                          

In the Bhukti of Rahu
During Moon's Dasa
Afflictions galore
Increase in enemies
Afflictions to relatives
Troubles from relatives
Illnesses due to Vata
Diseases due to overeating
In the Bhukti of Jupiter
During Moon's Dasa
Interest in Altruism
Enjoyment of all pleasures

Gain of dress supernal
Appreciation from relatives
Favor from royal sources
All are indicated !  
In the Bhukti of  Saturn
During Moon's Dasa
Sorrows due to diseases many
Afflictions to mother
Wife and kids
In the Bhukti of Mercury
During Moon's Dasa
Gains of a high order
Gain of conveyances
Gain of quadruped
Gain of jewellery
Gain of happiness and largesse
Intellectual development 
In the Bhukti of  Ketu
During Moon's Dasa
Mental illnesses
Crises galore
And resultant sorrows
Illnesses to  relatives
And to friends close
Fear of water
Digestive tract disorders
Dissipation of wealth 
Lack of mental peace 
LAll indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Venus
During Moon's Dasa
Travel across oceans
Gain due to dealing
With agri products
Gain of conveyances
Gain of jewellery
Gain of pleasures sensory
Indulgence in agriculture
Gain of sons and relatives
Gains  of name & fame, 
All are indicated ! 
In the Bhukti of  Sun
During Moon's Dasa
Favor from the Government
Relief from illnesses
Happiness and euphoria
Destruction of enemies
Ilnesses due to Vata, Pitta
Are all indicated !