Vedic Astrology Lesson 181  

        Of Planetary Periods or Dasas VII
In the Dasa of Venus ,
If Venus is afflicted ,
By Eighth lordship ,
Afflictions galore !
If the North Node, Rahu ,
Is conjoined by any planet ,
He gives the effects of that planet ,
So say the Astro wise !
The end of Rahu Dasa ,
Is marked by vicissitudes rare !
Also the end of the Dasas ,
Of planets combining with Rahu !
When two Dasas end ,
Within six months,
That period is called ,
Dasa Sandhi, termination cusp !
For males,  Rahu- Jupiter Sandhim
For females ,Venus- Sun Sandhi ,
And for both ,Mars-Rahu Sandhi,
Are dreaded & notorious !
If the lords of angles and trines
Are malefics or benefics .
Their Dasas will be beneficial .
So say the wise..

Also if the Sun and Moon
Are endowed with eighth lordship
As they are luminaries, not planets,
Beneficial will be their Dasas !
In all Dasas and Bhuktis ,
Will be experienced .
Effects of Houses first , Signs second,.
And Effects of Amsas third .
If Dasa ruler is in Signs ,
Which are front rising ,
Dasa confers auspicious results
In the beginning !
( Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio ,
Aquarius, Gemini etc )
If Dasa ruler is in Signs ,
Which are hind rising ,
Dasa confers good results ,
At the end !
(Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius
Capricorn et al )

If Dasa ruler is in Pisces ,
Dasa confers benign results ,
At both beginning and end,
Sa   Dasa Atheeva Gunaphalada. .