Vedic Astrology Lesson 180 
         Of Planetary Periods or Dasas VI

Planets retrograde
Planets exalted
Planets in houses friendly
Planets in own houses

Lords in houses favorable
Lords in  signs favorable
Their Dasas will be benign
So say the astro wise !.

On the contrary 
Planets debilitated
Planets in houses inimical
Planets combust
Planets in houses Trika
In Six, Eight, Twelve
In houses inimical
Will confer only bad results!
If planets are mixed
That is they have pluses and minusses
Their effects will be mixed
Mishrasu mishrani dasa phalani !
Malefic is Saturn's Dasa if  fourth
If Jupiter's Dasa is Sixth
If Mars' Dasa is Fifth
Aad   if Rahu Dasa is Fifth


Bad if a planet is posited
At the end of a Zodiacal Sign
And in owns trika houses
Six, Eight and Twelve

If a malefic planet rules
Malefic by ownership
And if a malefic Bhukti predominates
Even death can result !

In the Dasa of a malefic
During the Bhukti of lords
Of Three, Five , Seven, Eight,
Difficulties galore

And problems due to blood
And sorrows due to disease,

And problems due to blood, 
Are indicated !
If Mars is powerful
In Tenth or Eleventh
His Dasa confers
Gain of lands

Conquest over enemies
Gain of Queen
Of lands and conveyances
Arei indicated.
Bcomes an altruist,
Does Anna Dana
Donation of food
And other auspicious acts !