Vedic Astrology Lesson 175 

           Of Planetary Periods or Dasas
In the periods of malefics,
And the subperiods of malefics,
Dissipation of wealth,
Transfer of job or residence
Crises galore,
Destruction of Gurus,
All are foreseen !
By the discerning eye
Sthana Bramsa Dhanakshayatma Vipado
Gurvadi nasam thadha
In the Dasa of the Eighth Lord,
In the subperiods of planets,
Owning 3,5 and 7 stars
Misery supreme. indicated
If Jupiter and Saturn,
Transit wise be,
In negative houses.
Even death may result !
Of course, to know,
The strengths and weakeness,
Of the planets and luminaries,
Use the Sixfold Method, Shad Bala !
Even human has 100 Apa Mrityus,
Or hundred dangers foreseen,
To his life terrestrial !
Only one Kala Mrityu.
Inevitable death indicated !
Apa Mrityu can be averted
By good, meritorious deeds !
Particularly during operation.
Or diseases afflicting,
One should perform Punya,
Do Mantra Japa,
And save self from Apa Mrityu ! 
The scholar should discern,
The states of Mrityu, Apa and Kala,
From horary positions !
More than Natal !
The unfavorable transits,
Of Jove and Saturn,
The major planets used,
In discerning about Death.
The Dasa of planets,
Which is infested with Marakatwa.
Or death inflicting propensity,
The superiods of malefics.
If all these negativities coincide,
Kala Mrityu is indicated.
Beware of Kala Mrityu !
May come unexpected.b
If on the other hand,,
Mixed results predominate,
The condition may indicate,
Apa Mrityu or partial threat

The job of the scholar
Is extremely difficut
As all sciences are contradictory
Astrology is no less !
One has to use Intuition
Intuition that reveals
Intuition which cometh
From the Superconscient !