Vedic Astrology Lesson 172      
     Of Ashta   Varga

In the Kuja Ashta Varga ,
When Mars traverses ,
The Signs with maximum Points
Receipt of real estate,gold, jewellery .
In the direction signified ,
By th Signs with good Points ,
Do auspicious deeds  ,
And yield good rewards !
Go for real estate deals,
In such directions !
Or create Kitchen,
In such directions ! 
When Mars traverses ,
The directions weak ,
Effects will be adverse ,
So say Astro classics !
In the Budha Ashta Varga ,
In the second Sign is Binduless,
From the Sign tenanted by Mercury ,
He will be devoid of speech !
If there are two or three Bindus ,
His words will be fickle !
If there are four Bindus,
He can speak well .

If Five or Six Bindus .
He can talk fluently, .
If  Seven Bindus ,
Will be silver tongued !
If from Mercury ,
If there are Bindus ,
More malefic than benefic ,
He will be egotistic .

If benefic more ,
Will be humble !
If  Sun's Bindus are more ,
Words will be full of Wisdom .

If Saturn's, intolerant
If Mars', quarrelsome ! 
If  Venus', sensual,
If Jove's, expansive.
If in the Second from Lagna ,
Mercury's Bindus are more ,
Attractive speech he will have ,
If Jove's, logically argumentative

If Venus', poetic and mythological ,
If Saturn's, commercial !
Talents are diverse,
Due to the imprinting influences of Heaven. 

If from the Second from Mercury ,
Has Moon's Bindus,
A Moon who is debilitated ,
Or in inimical house .

He will stutter and stammer ,
If the said Second .
Is tenanted by Nodes, Gulika ,
He will speak wickedly !

If the Second from Mercury ,
Ketu tenants, language obscene ,
If Gulika, talks about theft ,
If Rahu, talks about profligacy !