Vedic Astrology Lesson 172     

                                                                                                 Of Ashta   Varga



In the Kuja Ashta Varga

When Mars traverses
The Signs with maximum Points
You can buy real estate
Gold, jewellery
All can be acquired !
In the direction signified
By th Signs with good Points
Do auspicious deeds 
And yield good rewards !
Go for real estate deals
In such directions !
Or create Kitchen
In such directions !
You can win enemies
In such directions !
When Mars traverses
The directions weak
Effects will be adverse
So say Astro classics !
In the Budha Ashta Varga
If there are no Bindus
In the second Sign
From the Sign tenanted by Mercury
He will be devoid of speech !
If there are two or three Bindus
His words will be fickle !
If there are four Bindus
He can speak well
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If Five or Six Bindus
He can talk fluently
If  Seven Bindus
Will be silver tongued !
If from Mercury
If there are Bindus
More malefic than benefic
He will be egotistic
If benefic more
Will be humble !
If  Sun's Bindus are more
Words will be full of Wisdom
If Saturn's, intolerant
If Mars', quarrelsome !
If in the Second from Lagna
Mercury's Bindus are more
Attractive speech he will have
If Jove's, logically argumentative
If Venus', poetic and mythological
If Saturn's, commercial !
If from the Second from Mercury
Has Moon's Bindus
A Moon who is debilitated
Or in inimical house
He will stutter and stammer
If the said Second
Is tenanted by Nodes, Gulika
He will speak wickedly !

If the Second from Mercury
Ketu tenants, language obscene
If Gulika, talks about theft
If Rahu, talks about the profligate !
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