Vedic Astrology Lesson 170
        Of Arishta Bhanga Yogas !


If the Moon tenants,
Three, Six, Ten, Eleven,
From the Lagna lord,
Arishtas will move away !

If from the Moon,
benefics tenant Twelve ,
Malefics in 11,  Jove in Ten,
Arishtas will fall off !

Birth on Dark Fortnight ,Night, Southern Solstice,
Birth on Bright Fortnight ,Day, Northern Solstice,
Are fortunate indeed ! Former subject  to recurrence,
The latter not.

If Full Moon be,Exalted, in friendly Vargas
And aspected by a benefic
Unaspected by malefics
Assocted with benefics
IF disassociated with malefics,
Aspected by the friendly,
Unaspected by the inimical,
Arishtas will move away !

If all benefics Are in Two Twelve
From the Ascendant Or the Moon
Or in Six, Seven, Eight Or in angles or trines
These yogas will destroy all Arishtas !

If the Eighth lord Of the Moon and Lagna,
Are in angles, without associating,
With benefics and if a planet tenants
The dreaded Eighth, Native lives upto 32 !

Ashtamadhipe Kendre
Lagneshe Bala Vardhithe
Ashtame Papa Samyukthe
Dwatrimsath Paramayathe

If the dispositor,Of that Arishta generating planet,
Is a benefic,Or its Amsa lord is a benefic,
And is poisited in a sign benefic,aspected by benefics,
And has motional strength,that Arishta will be cancelled !

If the Ascendant lord Or the Lunar Ascendant lord,
Is the friend of the Sun high longevity,
If neutral, medium longevity,
And if enemy, low longevity !

If all benefics are in angles,
Or benevolent trines,
And malefics in Three, Six, Eleven,
High longevity guaranteed.

Gulika in the Eighth,
Destroys all virtues,
And gives death,
So say the Astro wise !

If  Saturn associates,
With Gulika,
Or aspects Gulika,
The affliction will be compunded !