Vedic Astrology Lesson 168 

          Of Marriage Time !


If the Moon and the Seventh lord 
And the lords of One and Nine

Be associated with benefics
Free from combustion
She will be adored by relatives
Fond of virtue or merit divine
Ravishing, fortunate
Lover of husband
With children good
Chaste, with character good
And Sumangali too !
These are Visha Kanyakas
And dangerous as spouses

Those who are born with

Saturday, Aslesha, Second Lunation
Tuesday, Saptami, Satabhisha
Sunday, Dwadasi, Karthika
Sunday and Revathi
Monday and Chithra
Tuesday and Uthrashada
Wednesday and Dhanishta
Thursday and Jyeshta
Friday and Poorvashada
Saturday and Revathi
So say the Astro savants !
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If males marry these females
May be widowed, poor
Destruction of tribe foreseen
And destruction of life entire !
These Doshas of females
Will affect males partially
Avoidance is wisdom
So say Astro classics !
Jyeshta will destroy husband's elder brother
Aslesha will destroy mother in law
Moola will destroy father in law
Vishakha will destroy younger brother !
Those born in stars
Chitra, Aridra, Aslesha, Jyeshta
Satabhisha, Moola,
Karthika or Pushya
Will have children good
And may be widowed
And separated from spouse !
When  the Seventh lord
Or the significator, Venus
Trines the Navamsa Lagna
That be the time of Marriage !
The planet associating with Seventh lord
Or planet aspecting the Seventh lord
Or the Dasa of the Seventh lord
When the Ascendant lord transits
The nuptial Seventh
Then marriage shall take place !
The Sign tenanted by the Seventh lord
The Lord of that Sign, Venus, Moon
In the Dasa of the strongest of those
If Transit Jupiter trines
The Sign tenanted by Seventh lord
Then marriage shall take place !
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