Vedic Astrology Lesson 168 

          Of Marriage Time !
If the Moon and the Seventh lord
And the lords of One and Nine
Be associated with benefics ,uncombust,
She will be adored by relatives .
Fond of virtue or merit divine ,
Ravishing, fortunate ,
Lover of husband ,
With children good .
These are Visha Kanyakas ,
And dangerous as spouses ,
Those who are born with ,
Saturday, Aslesha, Second Lunation .
Tuesday, Saptami, Satabhisha ,
Sunday, Dwadasi, Karthika ,
Sunday and Revathi ,
Monday and Chithra .

Tuesday and Uthrashada ,
Wednesday and Dhanishta ,
Thursday and Jyeshta ,
Friday and Poorvashada .
If males marry these females ,
May be widowed, poor ,
Destruction of tribe foreseen ,
And destruction of life entire !
These Doshas of females,
Will affect males partially ,
Avoidance is wisdom,
So say Astro classics !
Jyeshta will destroy husband's elder brother ,
Aslesha will destroy mother in law ,
Moola will destroy father in law ,
Vishakha will destroy younger brother !
Those born in stars ,
Chitra, Aridra, Aslesha, Jyeshta ,
Satabhisha, Moola,
Karthika or Pushya .
Will have children good
And may be widowed
And separated from spouse !
And from  children..     
When  the Seventh lord
Or the significator, Venus
Trines the Navamsa Lagna
That be the time of Marriage !  
When the Ascendant lord transits
The nuptial Seventh ,
Or the planet associating with Seventh lord
Then marriage shall take place ! 
In the Dasa of the Seventh lord ,
Or when the Ascendant lord transits ,
The  planet aspecting the Seventh lord ,
Wedding bells may ring !
The Sign tenanted by the Seventh lord
The Lord of that Sign, Venus, Moon
In the Dasa of the strongest of those
Wedding bells will sound    !

If  Transit Jupiter trines,
If he be free from malefics,
The Sign tenanted by Seventh lord
Then marriage shall take place !