Vedic Astrology Lesson 118 


General Verses

The assessment of a House

Can be done either from Ascendant
Or from Lunar Ascendant
If the Moon is stronger
Take from Lunar Ascendant
Even though Ascendant is all in all !


If from Lagna, effects for thirty years
If from Chandra Lagna, after thirty !
Anyway, analyse the House
Analyse the lord of the House
Analyse the House's significator
The planet which tenants that Bhava
And the planets associating
And predict according to Logic
Both inductive and deductive !
Great indeed is association
With the Ascendant lord
Or the aspect of the Lagna lord
Or its tenancy of trines !
Conversely, adverse is association
With the lords Trika
(The lords of Three, Six, Twelve)
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Or the aspect of the Trika lord
Or their  tenancy of trines !

If any House is associated
With the sixth lord
Fear of enemies, afflictions physical
Are the results conferred !
Arathi Bhavatyam
Aradhinatho Karothi
If any House is associated
With the Eighth lord
Fear of death, impediments
Are the results conferred !
Mrithyooswaro Mrithyu
Bhayam Karothi
If any House is associated
With the Twelfth  lord
Transfer, poverty, sorrow
Are the results conferred !
Vyadhipo Bramsa Daridrathadyam
Yogekshanadyai Ashubhan Visheshal !
The planet tenanting the Bhava
The planet aspecting the Bhava
Bhava's lord and significator
These are the planets four that count !
If these planets four are powerful
They shower auspicious results
If the lord of Bhava is weak
The other three become powerless !
If Jupiter, Venus and Saturn
Are strong, happiness indicated
If otherwise, general sorrow
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the chart has Kesari Yoga
Jupiter angular to the Moon
Or Adhi yoga, benefics in Eighth
High longevity indicated.
Native becomes famous
If many planets are exalted
Or posited in houses own
Or Moolatrikona, friendly houses
With the presence of Yogas
Anapha, Sunapha, Dhurudhura
Vasumath, Kesari, Kahala
If the points in the Eleventh
Is more than in Twelfth
In The Eightfold Point System
Sarva Ashta Varga !
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