Vedic Astrology Lesson 103       

    Of the Eighth House    



The Eighth House represents Death

Ineluctable, which can come at any time
And also difficulties galore
And impediments on Path !
Nadyutharal Patha Vaishamya Durgam
Shastram cheyu sankataschethi Sarvam
Randrasthane Sarvatha Kalpaneeyam
Pracheena Namajnaya Jathakajne
If benefics tenant the First
And Mars be in House Tenth
Native's uncle may be affected
Such is Astrology's decree !
If Mars be in the Tenth
In-laws may be affected
If Moon with malefics
Tenant the glorious Tenth
Parents will be affected !

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If Sun and Moon be in Ascendant
And malefics tenant the Twelfth
Unaspected by benefics
Native may not live long !
If  Moon be in Ascendant
And Sun be with malefics
In Seventh, native may not live long
Such is Astrology's decree !
If Saturn is unaspected
By benefics and if Sun and Moon be
In the adverse Twelfth
Native dies in chidlhood.
If Sun and Moon be in Twelve
And Twelfth lord in First
Native may not live long
Such is Astrology's decree !
If he Ascendant lord be strong
With the lord of the Fourth
And if the Ninth lord be
Aspected by malefics
Native loses parents !
If the third lord be
With Moon in houses adverse
Three, Six and Twelve
Native loses mother !
If the Ninth lord and Sun be
In houses adverse
Six, Three and Twelfth
Native loses father !
If the Ninth lord be
In houses inimical
With Saturn and Sun
Native loses father !
If more malefics tenant
The adverse Eighth
Disease in private parts
Cured, if benefics aspect !
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