Cancellational Factors of Major Yogas - Raja Yoga Bhanga    

Astrology is a deep and complicated science. There may be good yogas  in the
horoscope but because of some negative cancellational factors,  these    yogas
may not fructify. There are many a complaint that the " Yogas in my horoscope
  are not experiential". This is because of some Bhanga ( cancellational factors )  hidden in the natal chart.


Regal Yogas are called Raja Yogas. They are formed by the conjunction of trinal
and angular lords. There are lakhs of Raja Yogas which are described in   astro-
logical texts. Let us analyse the negative factors which can cancel Raja   Yogas.

1) Debilitated Planets
2) Defeated Planets ( defeated in planetary war )
3) Planets in inimical houses.
4) Planets in Bhava Sandhis
5) Retrograde Planets
6) Combust Planets
7) Planets associated with the North Node
8) Vibala Planets ( planets devoid of strength )
9) Lords of 6, 8 & 9 houses
10) Lords of Angular Houses

All these cause Raja Yoga Bhanga.

1) Debilitated Planets

Planets in their debilitation signs are considered to be weak. However, the scholar
should check for Neechabhanga Yogas, which offset debilitation. For   instance,
if the dispositor or the exaltation dispositor is angular, either from the Moon or
the Ascendant, cancellation of Debilitation or Neecha Bhanga occurs. Neecha Bhanga
is considered to be a Raja Yoga. ( Raja Bhaveth Dharmika Chakravarthi ).
2) Defeated Planets

Planets defeated in the Planetary war. Planetary war occurs   when two planets
are in conjunction within one degree. The victor is the planet whose longitude is
less. The defeated one is the planet whose longitude is more.

3) Planets in Inimical Houses

The planets in inimical houses are considered weak. During the directional influence
of these planets, the native suffers, unless there are cancellational factors    like the dispositor posited strong.


4) Planets in Bhava Sandhis or Rasi Sandhis

Planets at the Cusp between 2 houses is considered weak. So also planets at the
Cusp between two Zodiacal Signs.

5) Retrograde Planets

If malefics retrograde, they will cause unnecessary wanderings and journeys.
( Papa Vyasanatha Pumsam Kurvanthi Cha Vridhadanam ). Saturn & Mars retrograde cause unnecessary suffering and sorrow.

6) Combust Planets

Planets when they become proximate to the Sun, become combust. Combust planets
are weak. For example, Mercury within 8 degrees of the Sun is very combust.

7) Planets associated with the North Node

Planets in conjuction with the North Node, Rahu, is considered weak. Conjuction
means the planet should be within 12 degrees of the other planet.

8) Vibala Planets ( planets devoid of strength )

In the Sixfold Source of Planetary Strength, if a planet gets Shastiamsas less
than the stipulated minimum, he is Vibala or devoid of strength.

Minimum points for Planets           

Sun        390
Moon 360
Mars   300
Merc   420
Jup   390
Ven 330
Sat 300

A planet who gets lesser number of Shastiamsas than the stipulated minimum is
considered to be Weak without any cancellation.

9) Lords of 6, 8 & 12 houses

The lords of 6, 8 & 12 are malefics by ownership. The 6th lord brings diseases
& problems from enemies, the 8th lord brings health hazards and the 12th lord  brings uncontrollable expenditure.
10) Lords of Angular Houses

Natural benefics like Venus and Jupiter, when afflicted by Angular ownership,
become malefics.

The astrologer while assessing Raja Yogas should assess all these factors while
prognosticating results. The cancellational factors which we have highlighted can mar
Yogas.The statment " The potential of my horoscope has not been actualised " has many hidden causes and they may be one of the ten cited above. When positive and negative influences commingle, prognostication becomes difficult. Maximum care must be exercised while dealing with Raja Yogas.

If Jupiter retrogrades, it will confer royal power, vakreenastu mahaveerya subha rajyaprada griha..... Retrograde Jupiter was there in the horoscopes of these celebrities, Indira ; NTR