Lunations or Thidhis in Hindu Astrology   

Tidhi means a lunation. When the Moon is 0 to 12 degrees away from the Sun, it is the first Lunation or Prathama. The second lunation is Dwitheeya, when the Moon is 12 to 24 degrees away from the Sun. There are 15 Thithis in all. The fifteenth is Pournami or Full Moon, when the Moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun. When the Moon is 0 degrees away from the Sun, it is Amavasi or New Moon.

Lc - Lr = T, where Lc is Longitude of  Chandra, Moon, Lr  is Longitude of Ravi, Sun and T is Lunar Day or Thithi.

Chandra Sphuta -Soorya Sphuta = Thithi.

The Thidhis 4, 8, 9 & 14 are considered inauspicious & is avoided for any auspicious  event. The Thidhis are very useful in Electional Astrology. We are giving below the effects of being born in different thithis.



The First Lunation  : Pradhama

 PRADHAMA THIDHI makes the native interested in electronics &   handicrafts where physical & mental  skills are required. They are high  principled & noble minded. Their  universal  love  manifests as sympathy for all and compassion for the suffering. You are more interested in the mysterious elements. 

The Second Lunation  : DWITHEEYA

As they are born  in DWITHEEYA THIDHI they are considered  wealthy  by many. They are generally  respected in  society. They are  attracted  towards  moving  objects, animals and  birds. They are in love with the mundane values of life.

The Third Lunation  : THRITHEEYA

THRITHEEYA THIDHI endows them with good nature & good  priciples They may be considered proud by many. They maintain  high  standards - aesthetic, educational and moral. They  value  good  relatives and  dress. They appreciate the fine arts and the sciences.

The Fourth Lunation  : CHATHURTHY

CHATHURTHY THIDHI  bestows the  amazing  power of contradiction as they oppose or contradict  everything. Their  argumentative  ability can be used for their  advancement and  progress. Their enemies fear them as they cause fear and consternation among them.

The Fifth Lunation  : PANCHAMI

PANCHAMI THIDHI bestows  wealth  & knowledge. They are altruists basically and many people  gain  as they come in contact with them. Society recognises them as acceptable personalities. They  will be known for their humanitarian views.


The Sixth Lunation  : SHASHTI

SHASHTI THIDHI endows them with selfcontrol which  gives  them  control  & mastery of the  sense  organs.  Healthy  &  wealthy people are afraid to talk  to  them  openly. Their personality  is so domineering that they always treat  them  with respect. They will become
revered figures.

The Seventh Lunation  : SAPTHAMI

SAPTHAMI THIDHI endows them with  the power  of  speech or the gift of the gab & sometimes their  talk  becomes  harsh  even though they  may not mean to hurt. They have  to incorporate  diplomacy and tact & pleasant talk in order not to have many enemies.


The Eighth Lunation  : ASHTAMI

ASHTAMI THIDHI bestows  love  for  freedom & independence.  When these qualities are affected they turn  to  aggression  & rebellion. They are calm cool & collected normally. They  have  a lovely body and they enjoy sex.

The Ninth Lunation  : NAVAMI

NAVAMI THIDHI bestows tremendous  determination & willpower &  they will get all that they want. They are good at manipulation  of money &  materials. Conquering and covering  if not stealing  are easily done by them. Some people may consider them crooked.


The Tenth Lunation  : DASAMI

DASAMI THIDHI bestows  broadmindedness & nobility. Their calmness is very dignified  &  they  are not exhibitionists as far as their wealth is concerned. They love the major pleasures of life and have a special affinity to the opposite sex and home entertainments.

The Eleventh Lunation  : EKADASI

EKADASI THIDHI bestows some excellent  qualities of head & heart They acquire special  professional knowledge in their areas of specialisation. They do not lack wealth at all. Nor is there a shortage of patience and perseverance.


The Twelfth Lunation  : DWADASI

DWADASI THIDHI  bestows the qualities of devotion to duty and always attach great importance to a central power  and influence. They are respected not for  the wealth  earned  but for their altruistic qualities. They become spiritual quite early in life.


The Thirteenth Lunation  : THRAYODASI

THRAYODASI THIDHI bestows the qualities of head & heart  but there may be shortage  of  money which makes them exercise the  principle "Economy is prudence".  People  may misundestand this for miserliness. But they are very truthful and have integrity.


The Fourteenth Lunation  : CHATHURDASI

CHATHURDASI THIDHI bestows them with the qualities of  thrift.  They may be considered as crooked by  many. They are quite  crafty  when it comes to taking other's possessions & wealth.  People  may  say that they have evil intentions. They enjoy sex and entertainment.

The Fifteenth Lunation  : POURNAMI

POURNAMI thidhi endows them with interest in science & technology. They are keen in electronics and its related fields. Their  workaholism &  their genuine qualities of head and heart  definitely  will earn them fame. People also will appreciate their humility.


AMAVASI - Moon conjunct Sun

AMAVASI thidhi  bestows them with many qualities of altruism. They may appear sickly even though they are not really so. They may  experience  shortage of money which will not be known to anybody . They are ready for any sacrifice and they are ready to help humanity.