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The solar month of Gemini ( Mithuna ) started on 15th June and will stretch upto 16th July. It is a month of 32 days. Gemini consists of two quarters of Lamda Orionis ( Makiryam ), four quarters of Alpha Orionis ( Thiruvathira ) and one quarter of Beta Geminorum (Punarvasu).


This month June came as a relief for those suffering from intense heat, particularly in the coastal areas of India. A drought like situation had prevailed due to Saturn in Virgo. This time the South West Monsoon will be strong and it will strengthen in the coming months. But then monsoons can be destructive also. Intense rains in Kerala may wreak havoc on the people living in low lying areas. The sea will be vicious and fishermen are warned not to go to sea. Bathing in rivers also is taboo. ( Some people have already lost their lives due to the rivers creating havoc ). Why did they foresake caution when the Sastras told them that these are the times of rainy Njattuvelas ?


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Sasanthi ithi sasthram - meaning that Science is the friend, philosopher and guide of all humanity and is a beacon light to all. Those who know that now we are running the Solar transit of Lamda Orionis ( Makriyam Njattuvela ) will be careful and will avoid the sea, rivers, ponds, lakes etc. The destruction caused by the monsoons - the wise call it the Rain of Life and Death - can be terrible. But still monsoons are welcomed all over, as they can save man from the scorching heat and save us from drought !

Sasanath Thrayate iti shastram ( That which saves via instructions is called Science ). Hence all sciences, including Astro Meteorology, are indicative guides for all humankind.

So Kerala will get a lot of rains this year. Not only Kerala, but the entire Malabar Coast of 825 kms. Also there can be slight earthquakes. The North West places of India, Central India may be afflicted by crime and homicide. Annual or Yearly Rainfall of this coast is more than 2500 mm, as South West Monsoon, North East Monsoon and Summer Monsoon showers rains on this Nature blessed coast.



The Solar Transit of Alpha Orionis ( Thiruvathira Njattuvela ) starts from 22nd June, 0943 AM. Thiruvathira will take over from where Makiryam left. There can be devastation in the paddy fields and some crops may be destroyed in Kerala. Jupiter will be in Uttarabhadra throughout. For those born in Rohini andThiruvathira, this is not a good phase as health problems may afflict them. Also for those born in Makam and Pooram. Economic loss is indicated for those born inUthram and Hasta. They should not speculate in June. They should turn to Meditation and prayer this month.

You can see Mercury on the North West Horizon, as Mercury rises 2 hours before Sunrise.

On 15th June, at 1021 AM, the Solar ingress into Gemini ( Mithuna ) took place. Jupiterian aspect on the Gemini Ascendant is auspicious. Also the Ascendant lord is in its own sign. Vicious attacks by the sea & landslides may occur in Kerala. The month of Mithuna will be favourable for Uthram borns. For those born in Pushya, Mithuna will not be so auspicious and they will have to face afflictions. They should fast on Sundays. Rohini borns will be afflicted mentally. For those born inPoorvashada, increase of enemies and economic loss indicated.  

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On June 26, the lunar eclipse will be at 0246 PM but will not be visible. It will last till 0732 PM. This time is auspicious for undertaking pilgrimages and for donating to the public. This eclipse will affect Pooradam, Thiruvathira and Punartham natives. Full Moon occurs on 25th, from 0414 PM to 26th 0501 PM. Those born in Ayilam, Thrikketa, Revathi, Makiryam, Aswathi, Makam, Moolam should pray and meditate during this phase.