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This is a sample Numeroscope generated by Zodiac Numerology Software \

                     Z O D I A C - DIGI-TELL NUMEROLOGY                  

     There is interconnection between your destiny your planetary posi-  
     tions  &  personality  characteristics.  The universally accepted   
     system which is the decimal system which  uses digits from one to   
     nine and  zero is used by us everyday &  this is the principle of   
     Numerology.  The  numbers  related  to  your date of birth & name   
     assumes  significance  from  the perspective of Numerology. These   
     numbers  can  reveal your personality traits & prognosticate your   
     Zodiac Digi-tell Numerology has  been computerized on the basis of  
     intensive research done on the  subject  and  expert findings. The  
     Fadic Number based on the Date of  Birth  the Name Number based on  
     the numerological  equivalent  of  the alphabet & the Birth Number  
     derived from  birth  date  are  some  of the main factors analysed. 
     The compatibility between Name Number and birth number is analysed  
     The numbers assigned to the letters  of the alphabet are A I J Q Y  
     = 1  B K R = 2  C G L S =3 D M T = 4  E H N X =5 U V W = 6 O Z = 7  
     F P = 8. No letter has been assigned the number nine.               
                In Numerology there are many schools of thought. After   
     intense research we have selected the method which is most practi-  
     cal &  which commensurates with experience & the Intuitive Reason.  
     All the different methods have been analysed and summed.            
                     Z O D I A C   C O M P U T E R S                     
                 Digi-tell Numerology - V8.10 (ENG)                      

     FIRST NAME                  :    R a j i t h a                      
     LAST NAME                   :    V a s u                            
     SEX                                :    Female                             
     DATE OF BIRTH               :    0 8 0 7 1 9 8 7                    
     ZDNENG Version 8 102004  /08/17/11                                  
     Software: Zodiac Computers East Nada Guruvayur 680101 Ph 2552851    
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     The Occidental System   -   The Pythagorean Method                  

                In the West it was Pythagorus who founded Numerology ba- 
     sed on the Fadic Number.It was in numbers that Pythagorus found the 
     mystery of the Universe. Zero One and Infinity are numbers. The co- 
     ncepts of Fadic Number & Integral Fadic number therefore comes from 
     the West.                                                           
     The Oriental System    -    The Vararuchian Method                  

                In the East it was Vararuchi who assigned digits to the  
     letters of the alphabet ( Vararuchi  Krutham  Paral Sankhya). Even  
     though English is  lingua internationale ( international language)  
     it is derived from the mother of all languages Sanskrit. The conc-  
     ept of Name Number & Integral Name Number comes from the East.Also  
     the concepts of Birth & integral Birth Numbers.                     
     The Zodiac Integration of both Western & Eastern Systems            

                Zodiac Computers with  its  rich research background in  
     Astrology Numerology and Gemology has integrated both the systems   
     and has taken the best out of both appreciating the material rich-  
     ness of the West and the spiritual richness of the East. Both the   
     schools of Numerology viz the system based on the Fadic Number and  
     the system based on the Name Number have been integrated.           
     Basic Calculations                                                  
      NAME  : R a j i t h a                 V a s u                      
     - this is  the  name you are known as. As far as you are concerned  
     this is also  the  sound  which is most produced. Sound waves have  
     got immense influence on  your life --- this is the claim advanced  
     by the great Rishies  of  yore  who  gave birth to the sciences of  
     Numerology Gemology & Astrology.                                    
     1. Name Number :                                                    
        Numerologists have assigned  digits  to all the letters  of the  
     alphabet. Therefore your name has a corresponding sum of digits.    
        The Name Number is arrived by adding all the digits which corr-  
     espond to the letters  in  your name. We are showing how the  name  
     number is derived from your name                                    
      NAME:  R a j i t h a                 V a s u                       
           1  2 1 1 1 4 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 3 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
                                                                       = 3=
      Individual Name No :          3 +          1 =          4          
     2. Integral Name Number :                                           
        As the name number is calculated this is  the penultimate step-  
     viz the combined name number. Most probably this is of 2/3 digits.  
      NAME : R a j i t h a                 V a s u                       
           1  2 1 1 1 4 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 3 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
     Integral Name Number ;         31                                   
     3. Birth Number :                                                   
        This is the date you are born.Year and month are not taken into  
     consideration. In Numerology birthstar has no relevance. The Birth  
     Number based on the date is of prime significance.                  
      Birth Number :                     8                               
     4. Fadic Number :                                                   
        This  is the number arrived by  adding  all the digits of  your  
     date of birth. Look how it is computed.                             
     0 + 8 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 =         40                          
              4 +          0 =          4                                
     5. Integral Fadic Number :                                          
        This is the  combined  Fadic Number which is  the  total of all  
     the  digits  which comprise the date of birth. This can be of 2 or  
     3 digits.                                                           
     0 + 8 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 =         40                          
                     Effects of Birth Number 8                           
                     Eight  is  the symbol of Saturn. Those born on the  
     8 17 26 are all having eight as their birth number.                 
                     This  is a  number  totally different from the rest.
     The number eight is invested with a lot of virtues & vices and is a 
     strange number.                                                     
                     Eightians will be very deep & highly individualist- 
     ic. If  they are devoted they will have high devotion. In order to  
     defend their opinion they contradict the opposition thereby gaining 
                     They  are  extremists  either highly successful or  
     badly mauled by Fate.They do not have a via media or a middle path. 
     They will have philosophic knowledge & will be reputed philosophers.
     Many renunciants are born  under  this  number. They love solitude. 
     They always sing " O Solitude where are the charms which the sages  
     have seen in thy face". Their nature  is  more  or less unknown to  
                     They  won't  sleep  without achieving their goals.  
     They may look cruel & hardhearted but in reality they are altruists 
                                                                       = 4=
     at heart. All cannot know them properly. They  will not open their  
     minds. Whenever happiness visits them they will merely smile & not  
     show their elation outside. They will be highly conscientious  and  
     devoted to Truth. They will be ready for any job.  They will  have  
     the patience fortitude mental maturity & intellectual  ability  to  
     overcome any crisis.                                                
                     They will be miserly when it comes to spending mon- 
     ey. Because of that they will have enough money. If they give loan  
     they they may not get it back.  But in other way that loss will be  
                     Their childhood will be marked by  enemies.   They  
     will taste victory only after a hard battle. They will  not expect  
     other's help.They will only become prosperous by dint of their own  
     Body Structure                                                      

                     You  are likely to be tall and with good beauty of  
     limbs.They will have curly hair. During old age they may lose hair. 
     Most of them will have half baldness or full baldness.              
                     During youth  you are likely to suffer diseases of  
     the stomach. Intestines will be weak.  It will be good for them if  
     they renounce nonveg food. Also wine.Avoid acidic food. The acidic  
     alkaline ratio for the body is 80:20. Take 80% alkaline food. Alk-  
     aline foods are fruits and vegetables. The naturopathic injunction  
     is that one should take 100 gms fruits and 300 gms vegetables daily 
     Lucky Days                                                          

                     8  17  26  are the lucky days. 1 10 19 28 are also  
     auspicious. 4 13 22 31 are also favourable.                         
     Lucky Days of the Week                                              
                     Saturday  Sunday  Monday are favourable. If  their  
     birth number coincides on a Saturday that day becomes highly auspi- 
     Lucky Stones                                                        
     Saturn is represented by Blue Sapphire.                             
     Numerology & Astro-Gemology                                         
     Scientific Research done - The Seven Rays Theory                    
     The  seven  primary colours of the spectrum and the two secondary   
     colours correspond to the nine revolving heavens.(VIBGYOR & infra-  
     red and ultra-violet ).                                             
     The nine colours are understood to be the cosmic matrix and the     
     very essence of the nine planets and it is through these colours    
     that the planets radiate their energy and influence.  When the      
     visible colored lights are measured infra-red exhibits the long-    
     est wave length and ultra-violet the shortest. The  wavelength      
     of colored light emanating from the planets are found to match      
                                                                       = 5=
     those  radiating  from each planet's corresponding gemstone(s).     
     Researches show  that the wavelength of light emanating  from       
     the Sun is identical  to  the wavelength  of light  emanating       
     from Ruby - Red.                                                    
     Among all the elements in nature gemstones constitute the most      
     condensed form of concentrated color. Gems  therefore  provide      
     an inexhaustible source of cosmic color rays.                       
     Here we give the Cosmic Colour and the Gem corresponding to the     
     Nine revolving heavens.                                             
     ( The term 'planet' used in Sidereal Astrology refers to  cel-      
     estial bodies or mathematical points. A star(Sun) the two ma-       
     thematical  points where orbits of the Sun  (Earth-in-reflex)       
     and the Moon intersect - viz the North and South Nodes of the       
     Moon - ( Rahu & Ketu ) are referred as planets.)                    
     No  Colour        Planet    Gemstone                  Element   Chakra        
     1    Red             Sun          Ruby                         Fire        Manipura      
     2    Orange        Moon       Pearl                        Water     Swadhistana   
     3    Light Blue   Jupiter     Yellow Sapphire       Ether      Vishuddhi     
     4    Ultra-Violet  Rahu       Hessonite                  Air          Anahata       
     5    Green          Mercury   Emerald                    Earth      Sahasrara     
     6    Indigo          Venus      Diamond                  Water      Ajna          
     7    Infra-red      Ketu         Cat's Eye                  Fire         Muladhara     
     8    Violet          Saturn      Blue Sapphire         Air           Anahata       
     9    Yellow         Mars        Coral                        Fire        Muladhara     

     In the Kurma Purana Chapter  43  verses 1 and 2 it is  stated   that
     omnpiresent  are  the rays   that compose  His body and illumine the
     illimitable worlds of this Universe. Amongst them seven are the best
     as they from the original cores of the     seven planets. From  this
     we can ascertain that these seven rays  are  supreme   among all the
     rays which form the Universe. These rays  emanating from the Supreme
     carry out the functions of creation  maintenance  and destruction in
     conformity  with Divine Will and the movements of eternal Time. The-
     refore all  things are composed of the seven rays and their inherent
     radiating energies.  All  sounds and forms in this material Universe
     can be said to originate within the seven rays.Through a clear glass
     equilateral prism you can view the world & you will find that every-
     thing is permeated by the seven rays.                               
     The five elements  of  earth -  water - fire -air and ether are also
     condensations of these same cosmic colors.                          
     Cosmic   Green  condensed is the  Earth  Principle                  
     As Ether is the densification  of      Cosmic Blue !                  
     Water Element is the condensation of Cosmic Indigo                  
     Air Principle   is   Cosmic Violet       densified                  
     Cosmic Yellow condensed    is the Fire Principle !                  
     The five subtle essences corresponding to the  Five Great Elements  
     have their individual colors as well;sight is due to the vibration  
     of the red  cosmic ray - smell is due to green -the sense of touch  
     is within  the  violet colour - sound  vibration  is blue &  taste  
     sensation is orange. The sense organs utilized to  experience  the  
     five senses are also colored by these same individual rays. If one  
     looks  through  a prism the eyes will show the red color -the nose  
     green - skin violet - tongue orange &  the ear holes  will exhibit  
     blue cosmic colors when viewed in this way. The human  organism is  
     composed of cells that form groups &  are the  building  blocks of  
     the body. The cells themselves are composed of the seven rays  and  
     these  must  be in balance to maintain them in a healthy condition. 
     Furthur researches in Gemology   has discovered   that gems         
     increase the transmission of Cosmic Colours radiated by the         
     planets which is absorbed by our etheric or astral body thus        
     satiating "Colour Hunger " and eliminating disease. This is         
     the rationale of Gem Therapy.                                       
     Normally the gem correpsonding to one's Birth Number is to          
     be worn  on a Shukla Paksha Saturday in a state of physical         
     & mental  purity to enhance fortune and combat disease. But         
     this should be confirmed by checking with a bonafide side-          
     eral astrologer & Gemologist.                                       
     Lucky Colours                                                       

                     In your  sartorial  habits you should select the    
     colors  which  correspond  to your  Birth Number. Black has been    
     recommended for you.                                                
                     In  order  to  tone up your system and to impart    
     strength  these  colors  will be highly useful. If you stay in a    
     room  painted  with  such  colors  your stay will be marked by a    
     high  degree  of  satisfaction. You will get good rest and sleep    
     and  when  you  wake  up  you will feel a mood which is euphoric.   
     If you  cannot  fit  these colors onto your dress you can fit it    
     in either kerchief or tie.                                          

                     That there is an interrelationship between Numbers  
     and Music has been established by the Seers. You should select the  
     Music which corresponds to your Birth Number. It will give inspir-  
     ation and bliss. It will be active in the brain.                    
                     Sad Music has been recommended for you. The saddest 
     songs are the sweetest.You will get a blissful experince from that. 
     Favourable Direction                                                

                     South  is  the  direction of Saturn. As your Birth  
     Number is Eight before you start any activity you should take four  
     steps facing southward. When  you  take  an important decision and  
     when you plan something pls do so facing the south. This will make  
     your performance more successful and effective. In your study room  
     and in your office if you turn your  table  southward  you will be  
     astounded by the effect produced - viz it will give more auspicio-  
     usness than ever imagined.                                          
     Marital Life                                                        

                     They  can  marry people with birth number 4.  They  
     may have love affairs with 1 4 8. Progeny will be less.             
                     Neelanjana Samanabham                               
                     Raviputram Yamagrajam                               
                     Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham                         
                     Tham Namami Sanaiswaram                             
     This sloka if recited 108 times daily can confer longevity & for-   
     tune. This is the moola sloka of Saturn.                            
                                                                       = 7=
     Prominent Persons born under Eight                                  

                     George Bernard Shaw M G R. 

     The Ninefold Intelligence Theory                                    
     Intra personal intelligence  which adorns poets & philosophers  is  
     imparted by Jupiter.                                                
     Inter personal intelligence which graces politicians & businessmen  
     is bestowed by Saturn and Sun                                       
     Musical and Spatial intelligence ( musicians ) is imparted by Venus 
     Bodily Kinnaesthetic intelligence ( sportsmen) is imparted by Mars  
     Arithmetic &logical intelligence (programmers) is imparted by Mercury
     Naturalistic intelligence (beauticians) is imparted by Moon         
     Linguistic intelligence (writers)  is imparted by Jupiter           
     Existential intelligence which is the prerogative of the Divine     
     is represented by Jupiter.                                          
     As your Birth Number is ruled by Saturn you will be gifted with a   
     high  degree of inter  personal intelligence which can be used in   
     in politics and business.                                           
                     Integral Birth Number - 8                           

                     You will be highly religious & love peaceful life.  
     You are basically an  altruist  with love for justice & fair play.  
     You tend to give your life to  Religion  & Philosophy. You are in   
     the habit of giving  God  His' due. Your inclination to Bhakthi &   
     Jnana will pave the way for spiritual progress.Even when the body   
     craves  for material pleasures mind will crave for spiritual prog-  
     ress & growth.                                                      
     Birth Number & Name Number                                          

                Based on Birth & Name Numbers we will analyze the effe-  
     cts on your life produced by them.                                  
                It is  imperative  that  there should be  compatibility  
     'twixt Birth &  Name Numbers. In other words the numbers that play  
     a pivotal role in your life  should  be  compatible  - this be the  
     principle of Numerology.                                            
               The  motional vibration of certain numbers are not compa- 
     tible with others. You should select the number which is compatible 
     with your Birth Number. That is the the motional vibration of your  
     Birth Number should be  compatible  with the numbers which you use. 
     If not there will be clash between these numbers & incompatibility. 
     The number of your house and vehicles should be cent percent compa- 
     tible  with  your Birth Number. If you cannot change the number of  
     your house  and  vehicles you can select names for them which gets  
     along fine with your Birth Number.                                  
               If the same law is applied the  Name Number which is got  
     from place of your stay and your nation  should also be compatible  
     with your Birth Number. Then your activities will be more effective.
        Compatibility of Numbers : Betwixt Birth & Name Numbers          
      As your Birth Number is          8 and Name Number is          4   
      there is  No compatibility                                         
          Your birth number is fixed  and  cannot be changed. But  your  
     Name Number can be altered if need be. You can change  the letters  
     in your name. You can also change it fully or  partially. In  this  
     way you can create compatibility between Name & Birth Numbers.  By  
     doing so you can increase your chances of success and can  get the  
     fructification of your efforts better. This is also the experience  
     of many who have followed numerological principles.                 
         If you view the Zodiac Digital program you can easily see  the  
     compatibility of your Birth & Name Numbers. After making the nece-  
     ssary changes in your name you can also view the good results pro-  
     mised by Numerology.    

                     Integral Fadic Number = 40                          

                     Prosperity  graces  you  in  old  age. Till  that   
     time life  will  be marked by suffering. You may not get the help   
     of others.  You  can  only  rise  to  the top by dint of your own   
     efforts. You will be highly contented as you know  how  to   find   
     peace & happiness in whatever position you are placed in.           
                     Integral Name Number = 31                           

                     You  love  to  lead an independent life. You will hav
     expertise in the occult sciences.You will lack clear goals.You will 
     be elated in victory. You will have to face unexpected events. You  
     will take sudden decisions.                                         


                                     ANNUAL NUMBER        

                     This is arrived by adding the birth number and all  
     the digits which comprise the current year.See how it is calculated.
              4 =          2 +          0 +          1 +          1      
              4 +          0 + =          4                              
              8 +          4 + =         12                              
              2 +          1 + =          3       

                     HOW THIS YEAR WILL FARE FOR YOU                     

                     You will get relief from many a suffering. This     
     year will give you both immense benefits.                           
                     If you have been unmarried so far this year will    
     see the wedding  bells  ring  out.  Auspicious  events  in   the    
     family. You will be victorious  in  each  &  every  affair.  You    
      will  get hedonistic pleasure and all sorts of commforts.          
                     You will buy land and build a house.Your friends    
     will move  away  from you and scatter to all lands. This will do    
     good to you.  There  will be professional enhancement. If you go    
     abroad seeking other jobs you will be back victorious. What else    
     do you want?                                                        
                     Fate may intervene with her torments at  the  end   
     of the year having though that you have enjoyed enough. Fate will   
     teach you a lesson. Be careful.                                     
                     Fate may involve you in a case & take you to court  
     All this is due to property. Expenses spiral.  You  will  find  it  
     difficult  to  get  mental  peace. Unnecessary  expenditures  will  
     torment you.So be careful.Then loss of wealth & loss of reputation  
     can be avoided. If alert any difficulty                             
     can be solved.                                                      
                     You have to propitiate the tutelary Diety.You have  
     not done it so far. So please do it immediately.                    
     Yoga Meditation Prayer and Concentration                            

                     The  biggest  gift  of  Nature   bestowed  to  man  
     is the power to centralise mind.Due to dint of your own effort you  
     can achieve one pointedness of concentration &the power that arises 
     from meditation. This  will aid in developing the fructification of 
     the  virtues of your Birth Number. But human beings do not use more 
     than 5% of their mental potential. Only on thing is needed for your 
     practical brilliance - iron-willed determination.                   
                     First  of  all  you have to understand the meaning  
     (which is symbolic) of your Birth  Number. You have to have mental  
     compatibility with the same. If  then  within a short span of time  
     you will be able to become  one with the number. In medieval India  
     there is a  philosophy  which  deals with it and all the issues of  
     Life. The tanthric practices  developed by  the  Rishies  are  the  
     effects of their research in this field.By reciting certain mantras 
     you will be able to acquire immense mental power.                   
                     We  have  already  given  guidelines  to find  out  
     date for any event in Life.  You  have  to be optimistic regarding  
     this date. In your mind there should not be any doubt & mind which  
     is an electronic  servo  mechanism should be full of positive data- 
     or data of success. It  should  not  be  fed  with  failure  data.  
     Then victory will be yours.                                         
                     If  you  implement the above mentioned  principles  
     don't think that all will dramatically end in triumph. Iron deter-  
     mination resilience hard work patience  & immense self-confidence-  
     all these qualities will win the war of life for you. And not mere  
     magic. Only with time and fortitude can we win this battle of life. 
     Only after battling the barriers to success can we emerge victori-  
     ous. Work hard with patience.                                       
     The Absolute Being assuming the role of  Numbers                    
                     The  Timeless  who  is Infinity becomes  One  when  
     He stands alone. He becomes Two as  Consciousness and Force.  When  
     He  assumes the role of Creator Preserver &  Destroyer  He becomes  
     Three. He  becomes Four as the Four Vedas. He  becomes Five as the  
     sense organs.As the Six Shastras He becomes Six. He  becomes Seven  
     as the Sevenfold Chord Of Being - Life Mind Matter Supermind  Being 
     Knowledge and  Bliss. He becomes Eight as the Ashta Aiswaryas.  He  
     becomes Nine as the Nine planets and the Nine base digits.          
                     Infinite is Thy play as Numbers !                   
             Thy triune eyes Past Present & Future                       
             Thy faces four  are the fourfold Veds                       
             Thy  smile Maya   Thy   movement Time                       
             Blessed  be  Thine  Universal   Form!                       
     The Absolute as Time Infinite & as Wisdom Personified               
      ( The concepts of Kalapurusha & Vedapurusha )                      
     The Absolute Self as Time Eternal                                   
     Lies coiled as the  mighty Zodiac!                                  
     Aries His head & Pisces  His Feet                                   
     The IC His heart &  MC His thighs!                                  
     The Six Auxiliary Sciences form His body                            
     In His other aspect   as Wisdom Eternal!                            
     Poetics is His Feet & Astrology His eyes                            
     Grammar His Face &  His ears Definition!                            
                This is a date-of-birth based general reading            
                merely. To be more specific  if TIME OF BIRTH            
                is known a deep analysis via Vedic Predictive            
                Astrology  showing  Birth Star - Longitudes -            
                Divisional Charts-  assessment  of Wealth via            
                Wealth Ascendant-current periods & subperiods            
                Education -Marriage-Transit Forecast -    can            
                be obtained for a modest fee  from the follo-            
                wing  address. Astrology is a far more speci-            
                fic science. The particulars to be  provided             
                are the name date time & place of birth. You             
                can visit our Horo Web Page and submit your