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               Z O D I A C    G E M  O L O G Y                          

           NAME                             : Kumar                              
           SEX                                : MALE                               
           BIRTH STAR                   : ASLESHA                            
           TIME OF BIRTH               :   9.50 AM  STANDARD TIME           
           DATE OF BIRTH              : 23/06/1955  THURSDAY               
           PLACE OF BIRTH           : TRICHUR                            
           LONGITUDE                    :  76.15  EAST                       
           LATITUDE                       : 10.30  NORTH                       
           SUNRISE                        : 6.05 AM                            
           SUNSET                         : 6.48 PM                            
           TIMEZONE                      :  5.30  EAST OF GREENWICH           
           LOCAL MEAN TIME        : STANDARD TIME    -25  MINS         


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     Kumar                              ASLESHA               23/06/1955


        Ven Mer    Mar Sun Ket 
           M a i n C h a r t    Jup    Moo Asc




     Lag    Sat    Rah    Mar Gul    Ven 
             D - 9 (Navamsa)  
Sun Moo 


         Ket Mer Jup  


     Shad bala  means the  sixfold source of planetary strength. There  
     are six kinds of potency in the Parasari System. They are :        
     1. Sthana     Bala        -    Positional  Strength                
     2. Dig          Bala        -    Directional Strength                
     3. Kala        Bala        -    Temporal    Strength                
     4. Chesta     Bala        -    Motional    Strength                
     5. Naisargika Bala        -    Intrinsic   Strength                
     6. Drik       Bala        -    Aspectual   Strength            

     Application of Shad Balas                                          
     The importance of and  the  part played by the  Shad Balas in the  
     science  of  horoscopy  are  manifold. The application of any one  
     particular  system  depends  on  the strength and weakness of cer- 
     tain planets  and  Bhavas.  For  instance in deciding the Dasanat- 
     ardasa( periods and subperiods )  the  first period is attributed  
     to  the  most  powerful of the Lagna the Sun &  the Moon. Whether  
     the Sun or  Lagna  is  more powerful can be determined only  when  

     their  respective  strengths  are known. In protraying the future  
     results  indicated  by  the different Bhavas their strengths  are  
     of  considerable  importance.  Suppose we consider the  period of  
     the  Sun  and bhukti  of the Moon.In order to predict the various  
     results  care  should  be taken to see which planet more powerful  
     or  has  greater  strength. If  the Sun is more powerful than the  
     Moon  then  the  results  likely to happen would be predominantly  
     those  indicated  by the Sun. If the Moon is more powerful during  
     his  sub-period  the Moon's  influence will be felt in preference  
     to that  of  the Sun even though the latter may be the major lord. 
     Thus when  the  Shadbalas are ascertained correctly future progno- 
     stications  can  be ventured with sufficient confidence. The Shad  
     balas in  other words give an account of the assets & liabilities  
     of each house and planet in the horoscope.                         
     Shad Balas  are  measured in shastiamsas or units of 60. 60 shast- 
     iamsas make a Rupa.                                                


PLANET                  SUN      MOON       MARS       MERC     JUP      VEN     SAT 


NATHONNATHA BALA       49.17     10.83     10.83      60.00    49.17    49.17   10.83
THRIBHAGA BALA          0.00      0.00      0.00      60.00    60.00     0.00    0.00
ABDA BALA               0.00     15.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
MASA BALA               0.00     30.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
VARA BALA               0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00    45.00     0.00    0.00
HORA BALA               0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00     0.00    60.00    0.00
PAKSHA BALA            46.16     27.68     46.16      13.84    13.84    13.84   46.16
AYANA BALA            119.86      8.29     58.23      59.35    55.13    58.28   50.89
NAISARGIKA BALA        60.00     51.43     17.14      25.70    34.28    42.85    8.57
OOCHABALA              40.76     34.59     10.97      24.25    58.73    42.76   59.39
KENDRA BALA            15.00     60.00     15.00      30.00    60.00    30.00   60.00
DREKKANA BALA          15.00      0.00      0.00       0.00    15.00     0.00    0.00
OJAYUGMARASYAMSA BALA  30.00     15.00     15.00       0.00     0.00    15.00   30.00
SAPTAVARGAJA BALA      86.25     82.50    101.25      85.50    86.25    93.75   75.00
DIGBALA                15.92     26.09     13.99      39.62    53.30     5.91   27.64
YUDDHABALA              0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
CHESTA BALA             0.00      0.00      6.50      43.97    10.45    10.66   44.76
DRIK BALA              -9.26      1.06     -6.30     -10.51    -1.62   -11.57   -9.26
TOTAL                 468.86    362.47    288.77     431.72   539.53   410.65  403.98
STRENGTH IN RUPAS       7.81      6.04      4.81       7.20     8.99     6.84    6.73
PERC STREGNTH           1.56      1.01      0.96       1.03     1.38     1.24    1.35

             Z O D I A C  ASTRO-GEMOLOGICAL REPORT                      
           The points of exaltation debilitation and the  relational    
     nature of planets are considered while assessing the positional    
     strengths of planets ( Sthanabala )                                
     Following are the percentage points of planets as per Rasibala     

           1  JUPITER     100.00                                         
           2  SUN             12.50                                         
           3  MARS           6.75                                         
           4  VENUS        50.00                                         
           5  MERCURY   25.00                                         
           6  SATURN     100.00                                         
           7  MOON         50.00                                         
           8  RAHU          25.00                                         
           9  KETU          25.00                                         
      100%   -  Exaltation                                              
      75%    -  Moolatrikona                                         
      50%    -  Swakshetra                                              
      25%    -  In friend's House                                       
      12.5%  -  In Neutral House                                        
      6.75%  -  In Enemy's House                                        
      0%     -  Debilitation                                            

     Trinal Lords in Houses                                             
     Trinal lords are considered to be benefics in Vedic Astrology.     
     After all the trines are defined as moral triangles. The Ninth     
     lord is the lord of Fortune the fifth lord is the  ninth from      
     the ninth ( fortune) and the First Lord or Lagnadhipa the most     
     important planet as it rules the greatest of all wealth Health.    
     Functional Benefics                                                

     Any planet who owns a quadrant and a  trine is considered to       
     be a  functional benefic. Functional benefics are the planets      
     which can do immense good to the native                            
     Natural benefics are the Moon Jupiter Mercury and Venus             


     Temporal benefics are the friendly planets of the Ascendant        
      Your Lagna lord is  MOON     in House           1                 
      Your Fifth lord is  MARS      in House          12                
      Your Ninth lord is  JUPITER   In House           1                
      Functional Benefic in Susthana     :  MOON                        
      STONE                  :  PEARL                                   
     PLANET   Dasa Starts:  Next dasa change :                                                

     MARS       14-03-2012                                              
     Scientific Research Done in Astro Gemology                         
     The Seven Rays Theory                                              
            Astro-Gemology is the synergy of two sciences - Astrology   
     & Gemology. The basic theory of Astro-Gemology is that the  nine   
     planets are  linked  to  the  nine gems and that the stone of the  
     planet governing  fortune  can generate fortune.  Gemology  post-  
     ulates  that  gems  not  only enhance fortune but also have thera- 
     peutic  properties  which can be used in the medical field.        
             Scholars who have done research in the subject are unani-  
     mous  in  their  opinion  that by wearing the gem of a functional  
     benefic in a Susthana   one  can   not  only    enhance  fortune   
     but  also   overcome many difficulties including diseases.         
            Its therapeutic properties are used in Cosmic Ray Therapy.  
     Gems  have changed the destiny of many prominent individuals and   
     if  you  wear the stone prescribed by Computer  you can also see   
     the remarkable transformation taking place in your career.          

            Natural gems built  by  the  tectonic  pressure within the  
     earth have the ability to heal diseases.                           
            Similarly if you wear   the  gem  of  a Functional Benefic  
     you can increase the transmission of  Cosmic  colours radiated by  
     the planets which is absorbed by our etheric body  thus satiating  
     colour hunger and eliminating disease. Cosmic Colours are absorbed 
     by the Chakras ( dynamos of Cosmic Energy ) in  our ethereal body. 
     The Chakras are related to our glandular  system  in the physical  
     body. ( Deficiency of colours is defined as disease).              
     Scientific Research done - The Seven Rays Theory                   
     The  seven  primary colours of the spectrum and the two secondary  
     colours correspond to the nine revolving heavens.(VIBGYOR & infra- 
     red and ultra-violet ).                                            
     The nine colours are understood to be  the  cosmic matrix and the  
     very essence of the nine planets and  it is through these colours  
     that the planets radiate  their  energy  and influence.  When the  
     visible colored lights are measured  infra-red exhibits the long-  
     est wave length and  ultra-violet the   shortest. The  wavelength  
     of colored light emanating from  the  planets  are found to match  
     those  radiating  from each planet's  corresponding  gemstone(s).  
     Researches show  that  the  wavelength  of light emanating  from   
     the Sun is  identical  to  the  wavelength  of  light  emanating   
     from Ruby - Red.                                                   
     Among all the elements in nature gemstones  constitute  the most   
     condensed form of concentrated color. Gems   therefore   provide   
     an inexhaustible source of cosmic color rays.                      
     Here we give the Cosmic Colour and the Gem corresponding  to the   
     Nine revolving heavens.                                            
     ( The term 'planet' used in Sidereal  Astrology  refers to  cel-   
     estial bodies or mathematical points. A star( Sun ) the  two ma-   
     thematical  points where orbits of the Sun  ( Earth-in-reflex )    
     and the Moon intersect - viz the North and South  Nodes  of the    
     Moon - ( Rahu & Ketu ) are referred as planets.)                   
     Colour         Planet       Gemstone           Element   Chakra          
     Red               Sun         Ruby                    Fire        Manipura        
     Orange         Moon        Pearl                  Water     Swadhistana     
     Light Blue     Jupiter     Yellow Sapphire Ether      Vishuddhi       
     Ultra-Violet   Rahu        Hessonite            Earth      Sahasrara       
     Indigo           Venus      Diamond             Water     Ajna            
     Infra-red       Ketu         Cat's Eye              Fire       Muladhara       
     Violet           Saturn      Blue Sapphire      Air        Anahata         
     Yellow         Mars         Coral                    Fire       Muladhara       

     In the Kurma Purana Chapter  43  verses 1 and 2 it is  stated   that
     the omnpiresent are the rays  that compose His body and illumine the
     illimitable worlds of this Universe. Amongst them seven are the best
     as they from the original cores of the     seven planets. From  this
     we can ascertain that these seven rays  are  supreme   among all the
     rays which form the Universe. These rays  emanating from the Supreme
     carry out the functions of creation  maintenance  and destruction in
     conformity  with Divine Will and the movements of eternal Time. The-
     refore all  things are composed of the seven rays and their inherent
     radiating energies.  All  sounds and forms in this material Universe
     can be said to originate within the seven rays.Through a clear glass
     equilateral prism you can view the world & you will find that every-
     thing is permeated by the seven rays.                              
     The five elements  of  earth -  water - fire -air and ether are also
     condensations of these same cosmic colors.                         
     Cosmic   Green  condensed is the  Earth  Principle                 
     As Ether is the densification  of    Cosmic Blue !                 
     Water Element is the condensation of Cosmic Indigo                 
     Air Principle   is   Cosmic Violet       densified                 
     Cosmic Yellow condensed    is the Fire Principle !                 
     The five subtle essences corresponding to the  Five Great Elements 
     have their individual colors as well;sight is due to the vibration 
     of the red  cosmic ray - smell is due to green -the sense of touch 
     is within  the  violet colour - sound  vibration  is blue &  taste 
     sensation is orange. The sense organs utilized to  experience  the 
     five senses are also colored by these same individual rays. If one 
     looks  through  a prism the eyes will show the red color -the nose 
     green - skin violet - tongue orange &  the ear holes  will exhibit 
     blue cosmic colors when viewed in this way. The human  organism is 
     composed of cells that form groups &  are the  building  blocks of 
     the body. The cells themselves are composed of the seven rays  and 
     these  must  be in balance to maintain them in a healthy condition.
                             M O O N  A S T R A L  G E M S T O N E                
         Functional Benefic in your chart     -         The Moon              
         Cosmic Colour to be enhanced         -       Orange                
         Recommended GemStone                 -       Pearl                 
         Alternate Gemstone                   -              Moonstone             
         Solar/Lunar Metal to be used         -         Silver                
         Herbal Ashes to be used              -            Butia frandosa        
         Cosmic Number to be used             -         Two                   
         Most Auspicious Day                  -               Monday                

         Most Auspicious Month                -             February         
         Affected Element                     -                 Water                 
         Affected sense                       -                   Taste                 
         Affected Bodily Organ                -              Tongue                
         Affected Anatomical System           -         Blood                 
         Affected Chakra                      -                  6th Swadhistana       
         Day of Invocation                    -                 Monday                
         Time for Invocation                  -                Evening               
                   The astrological treatise the Jataka Chandrika       
     assigns   Moostone  or  Pearl  to  the Moon ( Vimalam Mukthaphalam 
     Sheethagau).   The  colour  white  has  been  assigned to the Moon.
     Moon's  day   is  Monday.  Numerologically   the number 2 has been 
     assigned to the Moon.                                              
                   Your  wellplaced planet  is  the Moon. Its stone     
     is Moonstone or pearl.                                             
                   By  wearing  this gem on the finger ( it has to      
     touch the skin ) you can definitely enhance your fortune.          
     Gemological Characteristics of Pearl                               
          Species                   Natural Pearl                       
          Transparency              Tranlucent                          
                                    to Opaque                           
          Color                     White                               
          Refractive Index          1.530 - 1.686                       
          Specific Gravity          2.7                                 
          Crystal System            aggregate                           
          Flourescence              long wave -                         
                                    inert to strong                     
     Mantra Energisation                                                
                        You  are  advised to wear Moonstone or pearl on 
     a  Shukla Paksha Monday after chanting the mantra  OM  SOM  SOMAYA 
     NAMAH  108 times   in a state of high physical and mental purity.  
     The Pearl to be worn should be of 2 4 6 or 11 carats.              
     However one has to understand that purity is somewhat difficult    
     in the Iron Age( Kali Yuga ). Hence the best method is to get the  
     Birthstone energised by scholars. We at Zodiac do that as we have  
     a team of Tantrics who energise stones. The negative energy should 
     be removed and replaced by positive energy which is the very mea-  
     ning of energisation. We should not give a chance for negative     
     Secondary Gems or Upa Ratnas (Substitutions)                       
     Those  who cannot afford to buy a Pearl can wear Moon-stone. White 
     Sapphire is  also advised as a substitute by some authorities. The 
     ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.          
     But  be careful. The Pearl or its substitutes should never be worn 
     with  Diamond   Emerald  Blue Sapphire and Cat's Eye and their sub-
                     Dhadhi Shankha Thusharabham                        
                     Ksheerodharnava Sambhavam                          
                     Namami Shashinam Somam                             
                     Shambhor Makuta Bhooshanam                         
     Ancient Authentic Sources                                          
     From the Orient                                                    
     The Jathaka Chandrika                                              
     Manikyam    Dinanayakasya Vimalam Muktaphalam Sheetagau            
     Mahedrasya cha Vidrumam Marathakam Soumyasya Garutmakam            
     Devejyasya cha    Pushyaragam Asuracharyasya cha Vajram            
     Saner Neelam Nirmalamanyashochya Gadithai Gomeda Vaidooryakai      
     The Agni Purana                                                    
     A gem free from impurities and radiating its characteristic        
     internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of good         
     luck. A gem which is cracked fissured devoid of luster or          
     appearing rough or sandy should not be used at all.                
     The Garuda Purana                                                  
     Pure flawless gems have auspicious powers which can protect        
     one from demons snakes poisons diseases sinful reactions and       
     other dangers while flawed ones are evil and inauspicious.         
     Pancha- Amrita or the Ancient System of Five Immortal Nectars      
     The five immortal Nectars are planetary gemstone metal herb        
     symbol and number which corresponds to the planet that is to       
     be enhanced. The Vedic process of puja or invocation of the        
     planetary  energy  by  means of mantra (sound invocation) &        
     stotra ( prayer ) represents the sixth Amrita where the mind       
     uses special sound vibrations.                                     
     It is imperative that the Stone should be energised & negative     
     energy removed. At Zodiac we energise the stone by scholars and    
      the process may take 3 days of energisation. Symbol  number  &     
     mantra are invoked based on the Star of the native  and  it is     
     blessed with Pranic Energy. We normally send the energised stone   
     by registered post & you can visit our Web page Gem and click      
     Add to Cart on Birthstone.                                         
     Correspondence between the Five Great Elements & the Five Nectars  
     Earth    -    Gemstone                                             
     Water    -    Herb                                                 
     Fire     -    Metal                                                
     Air      -    Symbol                                               
     Ether    -    Number                                               
     From the Occident                                                  
     The philosopher  Manly Hall says in Secret Teachings of all        
     Ages  that  the  rays  of the celestial bodies striking the        
     crystallizing  influences  of  the  lower  world become the        
     various elements.  Partaking of the astral virtues of their        
     source these elements neutrallize certain unbalanced  forms        
     of celestial activity and when properly combined contribute        
     much to the wellbeing of man.                                      
     In Three Books of Occult Philosophy Cornelius Agrippa descr-                                                                
     ibes the basic method of preparing astral rings thus - When        
     any star or planet  ascends fortunately with the fortunate         
     aspect or conjunction of the Moon we must take a stone and         
     herb that is under  that star and make a ring of the metal         
     that is suitable to  this  star and in it fasten the stone         
     putting the herb or root  under it not omitting the inscri-        
     ption  of images  names and  characters as also the proper         
     Paracelsus averred that we live in a veritable sea of vibr-        
     ational energy.       


                  Now that you have got the correct gem to be worn you  
     should  adhere  to  the rules and strictly follow the precautions  
     which are mentioned below.                                         
     A. The Gem's Quality and its fixing                                
        1. Purchase only quality gems from dependable sources.          
        2. The gem should be set in the right metal.                    
        3. The rays of the planet should pass through the gem & reach   
     your body and the gem should be set in such a way by an adept.     
        4. The gem's bottom should not be covered by metal.             
        5. Exposure to  heat can damage the gem. Also no scratches by  

      sharp objects.                                                     
        6. While bathing it is advisable to remove the gems.            
     B. Personal Preparations                                           
        The day  when you start wearing the gem should be given prime   
     importance. Physical cleanliness  and mental preparedness are of   
     paramount significance. It is also better to  invoke Divine Help   
     before starting to wear the gem.                                   
        1. A  suitable  date  should  be selected bearing in mind the   
     suggestions of the Astro-GemFinder.                                
        2. Time of Sunrise should be specially noted.This information   
     can be got from the calender.                                      
        3. Early morning is ideal.Wear clean clothes after completing   
     your daily routines.                                               
        4. Meditation or prayer is recommeded to cleanse the mind.      
        5. You have to plan your schedule in such a way that you will   
     be able to wear the gem at the recommended TIME.                   
        6. Wear flawless gems.                                          
        7. Natural gems alone are to be used. Synthetic gems are use-   

     CAUTION / WARNING                                                  
     ** This Zodiac Astro-GemFinder is developed by Zodiac Computers    
       after studying and researching on many books on the subject and    
     discussing with research scholars  & certified Gemologists.        
     **   It is to be noted that the gems recommended for you need not  
     remain the  same for you throughout your life.  It should be revi- 
     wed  depending on the changes wrought out by dasa/bhukthi periods. 
     Your priorities may also change from time to time.You are advised  
     to recheck your gem prescription as and when required.             


                                                                 OM  TAT SAT