Ven  Jup Rah Moo Sun Mer    Mar        
   Rohit Sharma                   Karthika I Gul Lag 
  Sat              Ket




Exalted Venus and Jupiter form a formidable conjunction in the Ninth House,a big Bhagya Yoga, a Lakshmi Yoga, Swachopago Bhagya grihe cha Bhogau / Narasya Jatham Kuruthe cha Lakshmya. This is the horoscope of India's most explosive batsman, Rohit Sharma.


A powerful horoscope indeed, with Sun exalted in the 10th, indicating professional brilliance. But now he is going through an adverse 8th Jupiter Transit.


The Nodes in 3/9 are good and Rahu in the Ninth has Raja Yoga powers.


He is undergoing Rahu Dasa and Rahu gives the effect of his dispositor, Jupiter Mercury's bhukthi is on. Mercury is a functional malefic for Cancer and Rohith has be to be careful till 231019.


Two sterling performances, from R Sharma and V Kohli, 102 & 66, came when the Moon transited Rohini, their Wealth Star, Sampat Tara, they being born in solar constellations, Karthika & Uthara ! ( CWC 19, Ind vs Eng, on 300619).