What Do I Do With the Colors I See With Reiki?

By Bronwen and Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki

Many people when they experience a Reiki treatment or enjoy a Reiki course have the experience of seeing colors.

It is a common phenomenon though not one experienced by everyone. Some of us are more prone to visual experiences than others. So for those of you who may have experienced this here is a brief understanding of what it might mean for you.

It is commonly asserted that human beings have five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We use these senses to learn about, and navigate in, the world. These senses are our antennae and as we grow up we begin to intellectually understand what it is to use these senses and what each of their benefits are.

To cross a road we use our ears to listen out for traffic, our sight to see the oncoming cars and the path we are about to walk, our touch to move easily from the footpath onto the road, perhaps our smell to check that everything is ‘safe', and our taste on this occasion takes a backseat (unless you happen to be licking a lollipop at the time).

We are born with a natural ability to use one or more of our senses more than another and at the same time we also hone separate senses depending on our life choices.

Some of your senses will be more sensitive than others depending on how you use them. If you are a cook then perhaps your sense of smell and taste will be very sharp. If you are a sculptor your sense of touch, and perhaps sight, might earn you your living. A data analyst would use his or her sense of sight to read (or ears to hear an audio tape), sense of touch to use a computer and taste to slurp endless cups of coffee (oops, I've already used that joke).

When you begin to consciously work with energy you may not know what energy feels like or how you will ‘read' it. No matter what age you are the experience may surprise you.

Say that you are enjoying a wonderfully relaxing Reiki treatment, you're almost dozing off in a beautiful twilight space of awareness crossed with ‘who cares' when BANG – the sky lights up and you are enjoying the most amazing fireworks. First blue explodes followed by emerald green and a red that melts into a golden haze. What on earth was that? Aaaah well, you're still very relaxed and unconcerned, your eyes have remained closed throughout and only if you're lucky do you remember afterwards what happened during the treatment.

Does it mean something? Does it matter?

Yes, it can mean a number of things. Some metaphysicians will state that a certain colour indicates a specific state of mind, activity in an energy centre, or even use the colours to decide upon a client's spiritual development. Some of these statements may well be interesting and in some cases true and yet no-one can guarantee that they are correct. Red may well indicate passion, but it could also symbolise anger. Cultural consequences can also affect the interpretation with red representing Good Luck in some Asian countries. Who decides which of these is the correct energetic translation?

Judgements made about the results of sense stimulation are in fact attachments to the senses. Both the client and practitioner can become attached to the idea that the colors are the important part of a treatment and once this occurs they become side-tracked and taken away from the profound experience that a Reiki treatment can be.

Attachment leads the practitioner to want to have the same outcome in the next treatment, boosting the ego with a sense of personal validation. And as a client you may want to repeat the same experience because it really was ‘amazing'. Both of these viewpoints will only obstruct the free flow of energy.

So, does it matter what these colors might represent? No. By attaching to specific interpretations we limit our true understanding of the practice of Reiki. We should see the colours as they are - and what they are in essence is simply energy.

But don't be mislead into thinking that colors are unimportant.

When you are lying on the massage table and those colours begin to move and snake their way around your inner world, the universe is definitely speaking directly to you. It is saying, “Things are beginning to change in your life. Let go, and open up further to experience this treatment, to let the energy flow freely. As a human you have been given the gift of the senses; these senses are indicating by their flow and ebb that your life too is changing and flowing. Be thankful and enjoy.”

This understanding in itself might be the healing that you require.

Article supplied by :

Bronwen and Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki

Article Source - http://www.usenature.com