Sol Luckman

Everything is energy. Viewed from the perspective of spirit, cosmologically in light of a hypothetical Big Bang, or through the scientific lens of E=MC2, the statement that everything is energy transcends the empirical domain of fact and approaches the metaphysical realm of Truth.

This even applies to human biology. The old materialistic view of the body as a machine that may run on energy but is somehow separate from it is fast giving way to undeniable evidence that we, too, are manifestations of conscious energy. This growing awareness of humans as energy beings is not merely occurring on the metaphysical fringes; it is happening at the dense heart of materialism: science itself.

Enlightened individuals have known for eons that spirit precedes matter, not the other way around, and that energy (often called consciousness) is reality's fundamental building block. Lately, physics has begun to arrive at the same conclusion. The holographic model views the so-called physical universe in terms of electromagnetic frequencies that, in effect, project the staggering illusions we think of as the world ... and ourselves!

The notion that humans possess a detectable energy field, sometimes termed the aura, is indisputable. In their book Future Science, John White and Stanley Krippner point out that nearly a hundred different cultures refer to the aura with nearly a hundred different names. The aura appears as a halo around Christian saints in sacred texts; Kirlian photography has captured the aura for decades; and recently, Dr. Valerie Hunt, UCLA professor and author of Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, has even measured the human aura with an EEG machine.

Early in the 20th Century, it was theorized that the aura was composed of electromagnetic gradations, called auric fields, and that each of these gradations related to (and perhaps governed) distinct aspects of human anatomy, psychology and spirituality. This idea, filtered through the work of radionics pioneer Dr. David Tansley, was my personal starting point on a self-healing odyssey that grew out of the field of energy clearing based on Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

After nearly eight years of chronic fatigue and debilitating allergies, having for some time made my living offering energy clearing but having failed to cure my own illness, I was intuitively guided to the idea that the auric fields, far from esoteric curiosities, represent an individual's bioenergy blueprint that can be "reset" like a blown fuse. Eventually, as I explored the relationship between the electromagnetic fields and our genetic alphabet, DNA, I turned my simile into a metaphor and started giving public lectures on "textual healing" and "rewriting" the body's "ener-genetic" script.

Using kinesiology (muscle testing) on our clients, my partner Leigh and I performed literally thousands of tests to determine which elements (physical, emotional, etc.) belonged to which auric fields. Our theory was that the body's electromagnetic fields, when properly "mapped," would reveal themselves as "ecosystems" where a number of related energetic factors work either harmoniously to create vitality or disharmoniously to produce illness. Now all we had to do was find a way to reset or "rewrite" a damaged electromagnetic blueprint.

Enter DNA. According to Gregg Braden in The God Code, the ancient Hebrew four-letter name for God is actually code for the four nucleotides of DNA based on its chemical composition. "Applying this discovery to the language of life," writes Braden, "the familiar elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon that form our DNA may now be replaced with key letters ... In so doing, the code of life is transformed into the words of a timeless message [that] reads: 'God/Eternal within the body.'"

Such revelations, to say nothing of the relative infancy of molecular biology, suggest genetics has a long way to go to fully understand DNA. The traditional explanation of DNA is that it is a biochemical recipe for creating proteins--thus cells, tissues and organs. This is tantamount to saying humans (and all other living creatures based on DNA) are merely biochemical--i.e., physical--creations. Where does this leave the idea that everything is energy, or that energy and matter are at least interchangeable as Einstein proved?

Something is not quite right with the classic theory of DNA. Fortunately, some are beginning to rethink this tired rhetoric. For starters, it has been asked, what do we make of the fact that over 90% of our DNA is so apparently useless mainstream science has dubbed it "junk"? It is strange indeed that in a world displaying the astonishing precision we witness at the macro-level of galactic movements, the micro-world of genetics would involve such sloppy inefficiency.

Could there be a purpose to this "junk" DNA? Could it have hidden potential awaiting activation? Could it somehow relate to the 90% of our brains that goes unused?

Such questions have led a vanguard of scientists to revisit the dominant genetics paradigm that insists DNA is merely a biochemical protein-assembly line. In the words of John Mattick, director of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Brisbane, quoted in a recent issue of Scientific American, the failure to recognize the importance of "junk" DNA "may well go down as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of molecular biology."

In the 1990s Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Peter Gariaev teamed linguists and geneticists in an exploration of the electromagnetic behavior of DNA. Gariaev concluded that chromosomes "function just like holographic computers using the DNA's own laser radiation." Russian linguists found that the genetic code follows the same basic rules of "syntax" and "usage" as human languages, suggesting the latter did not appear randomly but reflect our shared genetic structure.

One revolutionary corollary of the Gariaev group's research is that, to rewrite and heal damaged DNA, one can simply use human language. While Western researchers mechanically cut and splice genes, Gariaev and his team invented devices to influence cellular metabolism through radio and light frequencies. This has been called "wave-genetics" and represents the exciting frontier of molecular biology where the impossible of yesterday becomes the probable of tomorrow.

Employing this groundbreaking method, Gariaev's team proved that chromosomes damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired noninvasively. This was accomplished by simply applying vibration and language--in effect, words--to DNA. Gariaev has even suggested the same effects could be achieved by healers without machines.

Finally, I had found the electromagnetic blueprint rewrite mechanism I was seeking.

In the words of Iona Miller and Richard Miller, authors of an article published in Nexus based partly on Gariaev's work entitled "From Helix to Hologram," "Life is fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organising physical form." The implication is that DNA can be activated through sound and intention (words) to rewrite the human electromagnetic fields, which, as "authors" of biology, are capable of "revising" the human organism.

Leigh and I used these concepts to develop a new three-part DNA activation technique we call Regenetics™. In addition to many other benefits, this method healed my decade-long chronic illness and took care of Leigh's asthma, cat allergies and environmental sensitivities.

Part of an emerging paradigm that phenomenally expands the scope and effectiveness of "energy medicine," Regenetics™, and modalities based on similar principals, may well revolutionize healing, proving inside the human body Einstein's universal principal that energy is real.

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[Sol Luckman is managing editor of DNA Monthly and co-founder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics™, offering cutting-edge educational services and materials designed to activate unity consciousness and actualize human potential. The developers of Regenetics™ are educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not pretend to diagnose or treat illness. The preceding article is adapted from a forthcoming book entitled Conscious Healing with the Regenetics™ Method. For information visit  or call (828)216-3982.]