Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi



 Jupiter is Vargottama, Rahu gives Raja Yoga powers in the Ninth, Moon and Saturn are Neecha Bhanga.  

Moon in the Sixth makes him clever and intelligent, buddhi kausalyavan bhaveth.   Mars rising makes him aggressive. He is born in Jyeshta and is now under Sade Sathi. Saturn is afflicting him considerably. He is facing some powerful antagonists !  
Transit Jupiter in the Eighth is not considered good.  So it is not a bed of roses for him ! Add to it the Elarata Saturn period ! Saturn is in the adverse 12th for Jyeshta borns !   

Moon's Dasa is ruling now.  But both Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn are adverse.       Rahul Gandhi  JYESHTA  19/06/1970
     Sat       Mer  Sun Mar
Rah           Rasi               Ven Gul
      Moo    Jup    


Place of Birth - Delhi , Date of Birth - 19061970,  Time of Birth - 0550 AM