Protective Symbols  the power of Sacred Geometry


Sacred Geometry can protect us against the destructive energies of an unawakened life by transforming and conducting healing power. Protective symbols, mandalas and sigils, designed by initiated souls, can conduct and redirect power for our benefit and illumination.

The stress of the current astrological aspect patterns is associated strongly with the energies of the 22nd degree. 22 is a Master Number, having massive potential for transformation, but showing also the need to release old karmas.

The most powerful of all numbers, 22 is known as the Master Builder. This number, through transformation of potent karmic energies from the deep past can awaken the passage to self-realisation—and at the more material level, turn dreams into reality. However, the alchemical process of turning base metal into gold means the purification of the inner life and the release and elimination of the dross.
Current Astrological Stresses on 22nd Degree

The Moon's nodes, associated with the Boxing Day tsunami (which occurred just as the node entered Aries), are now at 22° Aries, conjunct the solar eclipse, while transiting Ceres, the recently discovered minor planet that rules disastrous sorrow and loss is at 22° Scorpio, conjunct Alpha Serpentis, a fearsome fixed star that was associated with the massive destructive earthquake in Turkey following the 1999 Solar Eclipse. Ceres was very prominent in the 9/11 chart for the US also.

Transiting Saturn is square the transiting nodes and now entering the 22nd degree of Cancer, conjunct Pollux, "the Heartless Judge". Saturn will thus be trine to Ceres, but the other aspect patterns do not indicate benefit, except at the deep level of spiritual transformation. Such transformation is generally the result of or at least associated with suffering.

Retrograde Factors

Transiting Pluto is now retrograde, inconjunct Saturn which is square the nodal axis. Pluto is effectively still in aspect and will reawaken 22° Sagittarius between June and September. Transiting Mars is now approaching 22° Aquarius, setting a match to this tinderbox. Mars turns retrograde in Taurus on October 1 opposing Venus at 22° Scorpio, with Pluto at 22° Sagittarius. Mars will be effectively conjunct the 22nd degree of Taurus between September 14, 2005 and February 3, 2006, a period which also includes a rare Venus retrograde period, plus a retrograde Mercury phase.

Protective Symbol

I have therefore placed a protective symbol into the etheric realm (amplified by the energy of the WWW). It will be worth spending some time with this symbol if you are feeling stressed and, especially, if you have prominent factors (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Nodes, Planets etc) in your chart in the 22nd degree of any sign. I have also released another powerful symbol that will aid the channelling of this potential into the world of consciousness. This is the New Jerusalem, a gateway to the Way of life. It conducts the energies of a vast array of powers, emerging through the sacred geometry of Glastonbury Abbey.

Although the creation of truly powerful symbols comes only with the growth to a certain stage of consciousness, the art of creating such symbols can still be learnt. In fact the growth of consciousness is part and parcel of the learning process. The secret lies in finding the right teacher.

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