A prerequesite for those seeking transformation is the urge for wholeness & love of Truth. You might think this goes without saying, but many people are content to live within the social norms and pursue happiness through acquisition or fame or power etc. In other words, "love of the world". If you find yourself longing for something more, something deeper, something real, then this quality is operative in you and you simply need to honor it. If you do not feel a longing for completion, why are you reading this? This flame of longing for Reality, Truth & Wholeness is the field that contains the 'pearl of great value'. Be ready to 'sell everything else' to buy it. Allow it to be your guide. Express it through your actions and endeavors.

Basic Trust, Faith, Courage

Transformation is change. Genuine Awakening involves changes on all levels of our lives. Weathering the insecurities & turmoil of a constantly changing sense of self and our perception of the world requires some kind of anchor or stabilizing influence. We must find a resource within to get through the storms of emotional turbulence, mental confusion and possibly disconcerting energetic releases. If we lack this quality, what can we do?

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Boiled down and simplified? Turn Around! Almost every human directs most of their energy towards resisting or avoiding painful feelings or situations and seeking secure or 'pleasurable' ones. One thing most haven't tried is to Stop Resisting! Accept Chaos. Open up to and fully experience negativity and darkness. On the other side of chaos is a new level of peace. Too radical?

OK, more compassionately, Are you stuck in a place where you value security and stability? Is it blocking your ability to seek Truth or accept what is Real? You probably need to do some work on healing your wounded child, desensitizing your narcissistic reactivity & neediness. The 'holding environment' you experienced as a very young child has a lot to do with how well you can trust the universe to sustain you. All types of Emotional Clearing work can help you gain more trust. You could find a spiritual teacher you can totally trust and allow that person to guide you through periods of turmoil. There are lots of Emotional Healing modalities that are practiced by therapists.

Tired? At some point in your journey you may find yourself saying: "Enough already!" Or, "I need a rest". I think this is to be expected and may be related to the need to gather more energy (see below). But it could also be complacency or indulgence. Cultivating the Love of Truth or the Urge to Wholeness may serve to wake you out of an unconscious indulgent sleepiness. If you find yourself becoming spiritually lazy, using Inquiry & Radical Honesty can help. (see below) Seeing the truth about our motivations will set us free. The less resistance, the sooner it can work.

Energy & Stamina
In the 'Teachings of Don Juan', Carlos Castaneda?s mentor told him that a warrior's most important task early on is the gathering of power (energy). This can be done in many ways on a few different levels. Basically, I see four main categories:
1. Physical (the body). Hatha Yoga is a first rate method. Aerobics can help a lot to increase endorphins.
2. Mental (contemplative). You gain mental energy or power when your conflicting beliefs are resolved. Mindfulness practice reduces chaos.
3. Emotional / Energetic. Emotional clearing (again) Practices like Tai Chi & Reiki etc. harmonise your energy system.
4. Spiritual. Spiritual 'energy' is transformative energy itself. When you rest fully in the Ground of Being or Stillness (as in deep meditation) the process of evolutionary transformation is taken to a new level.

Support & Confirmation

If you were going to jump off a cliff into unknown waters wouldn't you want to be able to speak to someone who has already jumped off that cliff? For years I languished at the edge of this cliff feeling alienated from the world, but not knowing how, or feeling able to move on. One day I met someone who was ready to leap as well and immediately we were both launched into a rapid series of transformational experiences... I don't think it would have been possible without the mutual support we gave to each other.

I urge you to hook up with others on the Journey, and to share your experiences. It could make all the difference to someone at a critical time. The Course In Miracles says, "To have peace, give peace"... and we can extrapolate... to have Love, give Love. To have a friend, be a friend. To get support, give support.

You do not have to feel you are far advanced to reach out and give support or information or just a loving acceptance or embrace. Just as importantly, someone who is new to the Path or even a child can reveal an enlightening truth at any time. Out of the mouths of babes... It is spiritual pride to close yourself off from the possibility of seeing Truth in anything and everything.

Inquisitiveness & Radical Honesty
Develop the ability to question everything. Bring every motive and avoidance of reality to the light of truth in a radically honest way. Learn to face life with open arms and open eyes. This will rapidly change your perception of the world and yourself. Deep contemplative inquiry allows us to discover and dismantle our story and our programs or patterns. Questioning works especially well on belief systems that we have adopted through our cultural / social conditioning.

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