Paganism and Easter 


Eostre is a Germanic Divinity and Easter is named after her. Generally known as the Pagan Festival of Vernal Equinox is March 21, Sayana Meshadi, when the Sun enters  Zero Degree Tropical Aries. 

The week leading upto Easter is called the Christian Holy Week. The Equinoctial Full Moon is on Apr 4. Hence

Easter = First Sunday after the Equinoctial Full Moon.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are Thursdays and Fridays in the Holy Week.

The Council of Nicaea, in 325 A C E,  stipulated that Easter will not come as a day in the ( Pope ) Gregorian Calendar, but like the Pagan Calendar, will be computed from the Equinoctial Full Moon.  Incidentally, the Hindu Lunar Year is computed from the Equinoctial New Moon !

Why does the Financial Year start on Apr I ?

The East India Company was impressed by the Hindu Calendar, whose Solar Year begins from Apr 13. As the Julian Calendar was modified by the Gregorian, so also the Vedic Calendar was modified by them and they  declared Apr 1 as the Start of the Financial Year !

Easter is  always near to the Jewish Passover, the Hindu Lunar Year start, Chaitradi and the Hindu Vishu (start of Solar Year ). Most of the rituals of Christendom are pagan, even though they claim themselves to be Anti Pagan !

Gnosticism is Mysticism and Gnosticism is derived from the Kabalah, the Western Yoga.

Albert Pyke writes " The Gnostics derived from inspiration from Plato and Philo, from the Zend Avesta, the Kabalah and the Sacred Books of India and Egypt and thus introduced into the bosom of Christianity all sorts of theosophical and cosmological speculations, derived as they are from the Orient and which the neo- Platonists publicised in the Occident" !

The dark force of Christendom, Evangelism, tried to suppress Gnosticism. Evangelists are anti pagan, considering other religions as pagan and heathen. Irenaeus in his" Three Books of the Heresies"  condemned Gnosticism as heresy !

Theologians, anti pagan evangelists, came to power. Albigensian Crusade was against their own people, Cathars who were gnostics.! Cathars believed in after life, in reincarnation and were vegetarians. There were other crusades like Crusades, Waldensian Crusade and Northern Crusade ( against Jews ) !

5 million people belonging to Philosophy and Astrology were burnt alive at the stake within 200 years. Galilieo was interned. Bruno was burnt alive ! Pope John Paul, the Second, publicly apologised for these incidents !

Robert Ingersoll wrote " Their bigotry, ignorance and hatred destroyed the vast treasures of our race. The Sun was blotted out from the intellectual horizon and every star was extinguished. And there descended into our planet, the Dark Age.

And this Dark Age ruled for a thousand years "

Now Rosicrucianism, Free Masonry et al are considered as heretical sects, while anti pagan Evangelists rule Rome. The true Christianity, Gnosticism, is still suppressed  !

In this context, the statement of a Keralite Bishop, that ISIS and RSS are similar, is laughable ! Did they create Crusades or the Inquisition?