Natural Therapies 

In the world of alternative medicine the term “Natural Therapy” relates to various ways of caring for one self and which primarily relate to the building up and restoration of a persons health through prevention measures as well as by leading a healthy lifestyle.

So what does natural therapy do? It helps with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders by using only natural methods and materials.

The main philosophy which seems to underlie natural therapy is that all things living have an ability to heal themselves. This ability flows through as energy or vital force and helps to promote self repair, self cleaning and self healing. However, if the energy path is blocked then usually external symptoms will appear and then the disease/illness is diagnosed. However, when the energy has been restored, you will find that your health has been restored also.

What natural therapy does is it helps the immune, nervous, hormonal systems and detoxification paths to work as one unit. So if you provide your body with the correct support and care then it will find it own sense of balance automatically and there will be no need to use medication.

However, natural therapy does place a great deal of emphasis on a non invasive approach to curing illnesses. There are certainly no quick fixes available. What one must remember is that each person will have their own unique set of symptoms, and it all depends on the symptoms what course of treatment the therapist decides to you. Plus the time it takes for each person to recover from their illness is as individual as the symptoms that they have presented.

One of the goals that natural therapy hopes to achieve is to teach and develop a patient’s optimal good health level as well as teaching them all about the principles of achieving good health. Many people use natural therapy as a complementary system of healing which helps to speed up the body’s natural ability to heal. Although prevention is the ultimate goal for all those using natural therapy, it can also be used for the management of symptoms being presented by the patient.


Below you will find details of some of the varieties of natural therapy treatment systems that are available.

First of all there is clinical nutrition. By ensuring that your diet is correctly balanced with all the right nutrients you will find that many of the diseases or conditions people suffer will be improved. Next is herbal medicine (Phytotherapy). This type of natural therapy relies heavily on medicinal herbs. Many herbs are characterized by their minimal toxicity and the maximum effect that they have on a person’s body. As herbs do not accumulate in the body, they are found not to provide long lasting effects such as over the counter treatments some times do when taken for long periods of time. When these herbs have been chosen properly for what ailment needs treating they offer to the patient and safe, powerful and effective way of healing.

Then there are the traditional Chinese medicines. These are such things as pulse diagnosis, herbs, acupuncture and acupuncture and which are all defined as systems in the Chinese medicine group. These forms of treatment date back to almost 3,000 years and it is only the last few years that this form of treatment has caught on in the West.

You could also try body manipulation, which when used beside other forms of therapy can help to heal muscular, skeletal and neurological problems that a patient has.

However, they say that one of the best natural therapies any body can use is lifestyle modification. This type of therapy places the responsibility of a person’s health on their own shoulders. The treatments that will be used for this are based on risk factors presented in ones lifestyle, including their diet and the environment in which they work and live. You will find that each of these factors will be given full consideration when a therapist is developing the right treatment plan for their patient.

Many people are also now using natural therapy to assist with the treatment and curing of some medical conditions, such as acute headaches, sore throats, asthma and allergies as well for treating migraines, arthritis, heart and gastrointestinal diseases. Some people have even resulted to using natural therapy for the treatment of stress, mental and emotional problems as well as for any physical injury or trauma, which will also include post operative pain.

Many people are not prepared to use such forms of therapy as the results seem to take too long to have any effect. However, what people must realize that although the treatment takes along time to work, the effects they produce will last a lifetime. Plus many people find that they usually suffer a complete recovery from the illness, as the person treating them is helping to boost the body’s natural defenses and build up a natural resistance to disease and discomfort in the future.

Kerris Samson a work from home mum now residing in Spain and who has spent a vast amount of researching the different ways for relieving pain. If you would like to know more please visit

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