Develop your mind and change your life

By: Larry Blenn 

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How often have we told ourselves that we should do more in life? How often have we thought about changing our life circumstances and never acted upon that impulse? Or maybe we’ve thought about all the reasons why we can’t do better for ourselves. When you really start to think of it, there certainly seems to be a mountain of difficulties stacked up against us. From poor wages to poor relationships or bad financial situations we are certainly good at doing one thing, making excuses!

This mindset is so troubling that it has been the constant driving force for why our civilization and planet are in distress. We bare an immense weight as humans. You may think your life is insignificant but the truth is that you carry the same purpose that everyone carries.

Our purpose, although vast in definition is ultimately the same. This is why we all have a sense of belonging to something larger than oneself. When we can begin to identify this oneness and learn to appreciate our fellow humans without judgment, we can evolve into the beings we are intended to be. We are spiritual in nature. We influence our reality at the level of our oneness. Through conscious focus and attention to your mind you can discover how your mind works. When we listen to our thoughts we are the observer and as the observer we are then free to either accept or reject the thoughts we are having. Consciously choosing our moment by moment thoughts is the path to a life that only dreams are made of.

When we tell ourselves that we should do more in life or we ridicule ourselves because of all the difficult situations facing us, why don’t we simply choose not to have those thoughts? It really is a choice we can each make. It’s not even hard to do. Try listening to your thoughts asking yourself “why am I having these thoughts” and then simply dismiss or accept the thoughts.

You can start doing this today, right now! Nobody can judge you or tell you that you’re crazy. You can have no fear of what others think. Life is about studying your mind, listening to your intuitions and the acting upon them. We live in a cause and effect world, when we want something to happen we must first set it in motion. This is a widely accepted scientific process and we have the power to shape it as we see fit.

We cannot change a car into a pile of money or a toad into a perfect mate but we can use the subtle influence that resides in each one of us. Successful people are only successful in life because they understand these principles. Hopefully you see the pure potential inside your mind. Develop your mind, read, and open up to a world you were meant to be a part of. This is not a practice run, there are no do-overs in life so it’s up to you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It is your pathway to freedom.

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Larry Blenn is a realtor and business owner. He is the author of "The believe factor". Larry writes on the subject of finding purpose in life and bringing change into life. TO learn more visit


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